Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weight Loss Update/RTK Inspired routings

Had a little sickness this week...lowest weigh in was 180.5 (weight loss of 11 lbs).

Rather than trying to "suck weight" to make a goal by 8/31 (which i could do). I am going to extend it out to two weeks. My reasoning:
* If it is worth doing in 8 weeks, it is worth doing in 10 weeks
* Safer and more maintainable weight loss
* More in line with what people should do
* Wanting to incorporate RTK (Return of the Kettlebell) exercises. While I wouldn't say it is a hypertrophy program, it is very hard to restrict calories while doing it.


RTK is a program that is hard to do while doing other programs or practicing other sports. Right now I am involved in two many other things (PL training/bowling practice) to give the RTK program proper, its due, but I do like some of the new exercises. As a personal trainer that gets results - I like to take the best from many program and combine them into something that gets results for someones particular situation.

Here are some things that I have done with my new RTK knowledge.

HoC/DDR/RTK - Alternate two songs of DDR with 10 24kg long cycle clean and jerk or 18 sets. I used to just do this with swings or snatches. I can do more work with the LC C&J.

PHA/DDR/RTK - Alternate one song of DDR with 8 24kg Military Presses done ETK style for 10 cycles (also doable in a half hour).

HoC/RTK - Alternate a KB exercise with a short jog. I have included double snatches, double dead cleans, side snatches, and front snatches (great for my banged up shoulders), long cycle (I haven't done push presses yet, that is coming).
==> The doubles work is a great way to add intensity and work capacity training to any program.

The RTK program is no joke. If you cannot do the SSST, you have no business getting this book. It is not an elitist this, it is just what it best for you. The most common mistake that I see with KB training is not having the foundation built before progressing. If you don't have a good swing, your cleans, front squats, and snatches are going to suck. If you are doing doubles work, and you don't have the work capacity for the SSST, you would be better served sticking with ETK.


Bowling still frustrates the hell out of me...working on freeing up the armswing. I got a personal training client to give me two bowling balls (cash value, $280) instead of cash.

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