Friday, May 28, 2010

US Kettlebell Club pistol PRs.

I have just started to do some pistol teaching in my class. A number of people have set pistol records.

MM -- two 16kg in rack position
RS -- 16kg L/24kg R
FSE -- 16kg L/16kg R
PB and JW have gotten their pistols as well.

Peter Baker gave me a good tip: Every time you stand up, do it pistol-style.

That's it...

Book Writing about Fat Loss

I have a brief story for all of you regarding my weight loss. Since getting my first set of kettlebells, my weight is down 35lbs and my bodyfat is under 10%. I generally find these stories really boring so I will keep it short and too the point. The only reason that I am even bringing it up is because over the last week I have had three people say that I should write a book or report about weight loss. It is an interesting thought, but then I realized two facts:
* I don't like to write!
* When I do, it is not very good!

I know a lot of people who write a lot better than I do, I may meet them over beers, tell my story, then have them write it. I do a number of consultations regarding health, and most of them want to lose fat. From these consultations, I have learned that the biggest reason that people are not successful in weight loss is the emotional attachment to food. Now I am not qualified to diagnose or treat this dysfunctional attachment, but I know it is there. During my consultations the first thing that I do ask "What are your twenty favorite foods?" There is a reason for this, I have worked with 2 separate companies that have a "Fitness Questionnaire", and I noticed that if you ask someone "What they eat?", it is a very direct question and peoples' guards are up and they will blatantly lie to you. If you ask them what their favorite foods are, they will tell you. Now, you can infer that they is what they are eating, but it is a less threatening questions. I have learned in this industry, that word choice and how you ask something are very important. When recommending a diet, I like to do is recommend foods that the person actually eats. I also like to recommend substitutions, but really not more than one or two at a time.

Now back to the emotional attachment. I have had people ready to fight me about certain recommendations. "Why can't I have chocolate at night?" "But I can't eat in the morning?" My only question is this, when you ask this question, who are you negotiating with? Me or Yourself? If you are struggling with your weight, do what bowlers do when they are not bowling well -- CHANGE SOMETHING! If you don't know what to change, ask someone. When I am bowling bad, and I am "completely lost" and have no idea what to do, I asked a teammate (that is much better and more experienced bowler) what I should do - AND I DO IT. There are a couple reasons that this generally works. The first is that someone on the outside sees things that you don't. The second is that you always have a hard time judging yourself. The lesson here is that if you suffer from dysfunctional eating, find an outside source to help you out. Also, if you have gained more than 10lbs in the last year, you suffer from dysfunctional eating.

What I have just described in the paragraph above is the "Energy In" portion weight loss. The second is the "Energy Out" portion. This is very hard to measure from a analytically because there are multiple sources of "Energy Out":
* Basal Metabolism (hard to measure)
* Physical activity (hard to measure)
* Thermogenic effect of food (hard to measure)

==> Since this can't be measured directly, you are better off managing this by:
1) Keeping an accurate track of you food and physical activity
2) Seeing if the scale/BF% is going in the right direction
3) Replan if it is not
==> Just like finding a bowling shot, the best you are doing is guessing. You just gotta keep making tweaks and never give up.

When people FAIL on a diet, it is because they give up. I have lost about 26lbs in the past year. Did I lose weight every week. No. The key is I never gave up. Everything works if you stick to it. Nothing works if you don't.

1) P90X works if you stick with it -- you will just be sore as hell and it takes a lot of time

2) Body For Life works if you stick to it -- it is boring

3) Westside Barbell -- works if you stick with it -- it doesn't fit into a lot of peoples schedules

4) Enter The Kettlebell works if you stick with it -- too many people try to tweak it for more fat loss (usually people who have no business doing so)

5) Return of the Kettlebell works if you stick with it -- but if you haven't done ETK/RoP you have no business doing it

6) MaxVO2 works if you stick with it -- most people don't read the book and/or don't have enough snatch proficiency to do it.

7) A 2/1/2/2 Muscle and Fiction program will work if you do it -- most people don't have the sack to stay with it.

The people I have seen get results get them because they stick with a program, not because they pick the perfect program.

Lesson Learned: You will succeed if you don't quit. If you quit it is your own fault.

So maybe I will write a pamphlet instead of a book. It is simple. Not easy, but simple.

US World Cup Roster

Goalkeepers: Probable Starter: Tim Howard (Everton)
Subs: Brad Guzan (Aston Villa), Marcus Hahnemann (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
==> Pretty much as expected. These three are all playing in England. Tim Howard really is the man here. As Tony Meola ('94) and Brad Friedel ('02) have shown, a great goalie can be ridden into the group stage.

Probable Starters: Carlos Bocanegra (Stade Rennais), Oguchi Onyewu (AC Milan), Jay Demerit (Watford), Jonathan Spector (West Ham)
Subs: Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA), Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Clarence Goodson (IK Start)
==> Bocanegra and Oguchi are nicked up, so I expect the subs to see some time. Also, if the US gets behind, all three subs are good at getting forward and/or good on set pieces. A little more depth in the center of the D would have helped. I have a feeling that is why they tested out Edu there in the Czech friendly. I also have a feeling that if they are protecting a lead, they will take off a forward and add another holding midfielder (4-5-1).

Midfielders: Michael Bradley (Borussia Monchengladbach), Ricardo Clark (Eintracht Frankfurt), Clint Dempsey (Fulham), Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy), Maurice Edu (Rangers), Benny Feilhaber (AGF Aarhus) Stuart Holden (Bolton), Jose Torres (Pachuca), DaMarcus Beasley (Rangers)
==> This is where things get interesting, because both Clint and Landon are listed as middies. I have a feeling, looking at the forwards selected, that one of them (most like Dempsey) will be used at forward. I think that the key to the offense is the play of Michael Bradley, and the key to the defense is Ricardo Clark.

Forwards: Edson Buddle (LA Galaxy), Robbie Findley (Real Salt Lake), Herculez Gomez (Pachuca), Jozy Altidore (Villarreal)
==> With the exception of Altidore, this is a really inexperienced group. I don't think two players from this group will be starting. The great thing about Altidore is that he can create his own shot, because I think he is going to have to.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If anyone is even thinking about getting certified....

If anybody out there is thinking about the RKC or HKC certification, if you register through my affiliate link, I will give you a FREE workshop where:
* I work with you on the fundamentals,
* Tell you what you need to work on,
* Give you a plan to fix what you need to pass.

For HKCs, this would be a 2 hour workshop. For RKCs, this would be a 3 hour workshop. Unless you like giving money away, you would be foolish not to do this.

The RKC has a fail rate of about 30-40% (yeah, and unlike all the others there are physical requirements). If you can gaurantee your $2000+ investment for free, why would you not do?

My affiliate link is in the left sidebar.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

World Cup - Group Stage Predictions.

World Cup season is upon us. As far as I am concerned, this is the most elite competition in existence. The difference between the teams is so small, and in soccer anything can happen.

Here are my picks to advance to the knockout round:

Group A: In - France, Mexico; Out - South Africa, Uruguay
==> France just lucked into getting in, with a debatable win over Ireland. Uruguay got in with a playoff win over Costa Rica. South Africa is in as a host country. I don't see South Africa getting into the knockout stages, I do think they will play the roll of the spoiler.
Game to Watch: Mexico vs. Uruguay - Just a hunch.
Players to watch: RSA (Pienaar), MEX (Vela, Dos Santos, Marquez), URU (Forlan), FRA (Ribery, Anelka)

Group B: In - Argentina, Nigeria; Out - South Korea, Greece
==> Here is another group that I think is going to be very entertaining. Nigeria and South Korea are both very athletic. Nigeria gets the "home continent" and "we didn't get in four years ago" edge.
Game to Watch: Nigeria vs. South Korea - Athleticism abounds in this one.
Players to Watch: ARG (Messi, Mascherano), NGA (Martins, Obi), KOR (Park Ji-Sung), GRE (Samaras)

Group C: In - England, United States; Out - Slovenia, Algeria
==> The US has its easiest qualification ever. That being said, they have to respect every opponent. The US can beat anyone or lose to anyone. While the game against England is the most anticipated, it is not the most important. That being said, in 2002 the US got a win against a flat heavily-favored Portugal team, that made their advancement MUCH easier. Given the brutality (38 game season, FA Cup, Champions League/EUFA cup) of the typical English Premier League schedule, a flat England team would not surprise me.
Game to Watch: England vs. United States - Do I really have to explain why?
Players to Watch: ENG (Rooney, Gerrard, Ferdinand), USA (Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley),
ALG (Bougherra), SVN (Koren)

Group D: In - Germany, Ghana; Out - Australia, Serbia
==> Germany, from Cup to Cup, has been very consistent over the last 30 years. I really like Ghana's midfield (Essien, Appiah, Muntari) to give them the edge.
Game to Watch: Germany vs. Ghana - Ballack vs. Essein will be a battle in midfield
GER (Ballack, Lahm, Podolski), GHA (Essien, Muntari,), AUS (Cahill, Schwarzer), SRB (Vidic, Stankovic)

Group E: In - Netherlands, Cameroon; Out: Denmark, Japan
==> This group gets my nomination for the "Group of Death". All four are good teams, and all four have world superstars. Give the edge to Cameroon because it is in Africa.
Game to Watch: Netherlands vs. Denmark - Both teams play an entertaining short passing games. Watching the Netherlands in 1994 made me a fan of "Clockwork Orange" style of soccer.
Players to Watch: NED (Robben, Van Persie, Sneijder, van Bronkhorst), DEN (Bendtner, Poulson), CMR (Eto'o, Kameni), JPN (Endo)

Group F: In - Italy, Paraguay; Out New Zealand, Slovakia
==> This one is pretty black and white to me.
Game to Watch: Italy vs. Paraguay
Players to Watch: ITA (Pirlo, Cannavaro, Gattuso), PAR (Santa Cruz, Villar, Cardozo), NZL (Nelson), SVK (Sestak)

Group G: In - Brazil, Ivory Coast; Out - Portugal, North Korea
==> This group has star power and flair. Probably the most exciting and star studded collection of players. You could argue that Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Didier Drogba are the three best players in the world. All in one group, WOW!
Game to Watch: Brazil vs. Portugal (same reason as US vs. England)
Players to Watch: BRA (Kaka, Ronaldinho, Lucio, Maicon), POR (Ronaldo), IVY (Drogba, K. Toure), PRK(Ri Myong-Guk)

Group H: In - Spain, Honduras; Out - Switzerland, Chile
==> Spain is playing the best in the world. They are very deep at all levels, so they are not susceptible to injuries is missed games to yellow cards. The battle is for second place, and all three teams are about even. I will take the CONCACAF team.
Game to Watch: Honduras vs. Switzerland
Players to Watch: ESP (Casillas, Hernandez, Fabregas, Villa, Torres), HON (Pavon, Palacios), SUI (Frei), CHI (Suazo)

My pick to win it all......drumroll please.......Brazil
Sleeper Pick.......someone from Africa.......Ivory Coast

Friday, May 21, 2010

Personal Training Log....

Sunday: Long Cycle: 24kg x 2,4,6; 32kg x 5 x 2,5,8

Monday: 10 x (15 Double swings x + 1 song of DDR)

Tuesday: USF KB Club practice

Wednesday: Was supposed to do long cycle, but the jerks felt horrible. Did the following instead.
* Double 32kg swings: 10 x 15
* Double 32kg cleans: 5,6,7,8,9, 10

Bowling: Only 1 open: 204-200-212 - 616

Thursday: Long Cycle: 2 32kg x 5 x (2,4,6) in under 1/2 hour. Felt better -- going for 5 x (2,4,6,8,10) on Sunday

Friday (projected): 45 minutes high octane cardio.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kettlebell Club @ Xtreme Athletix...

Ask me about a free no-obligation tryout!

Questions for Others....

1) Do you do yoga? If so, how many times do you do it and how long is each session?

2) Any Indian Club users out there? How many sessions per week, and how long is each session? Are you structured or non-structured in how you use them?

3) Do any of the personal trainers out there use plyometrics? If so, are do you have any continuing education in this area (BTW, this is probably one of the most improperly taught topics in fitness)?

4) Do you buy books? Do you buy magazines? Do you subscribe to free newsletters?

5) Do you have a gym membership?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Training this week...

Really struggled for the first time in a long time with an Upper Respirator infection. Kept the volume relatively low to focus on recovery.

RTK Presses: 32kgL/24kgR x 4 x (2,4,6), with 5 squats at the end of each workout.
Sumo Deadlifts: 2 32kg x 2 x 20
==> The right shoulder is still wonky in limit strength work.

Tuesday: Random KB stuff with USF Kettlebell Club (mostly for demonstration purposes)
* Pressed the 16,12,and 8kg bells in one hand
* Figure 10 snatch (2 outside the leg snatches to a gunslinger)

RTK Long Cycle: 2 24kg x 5 x (2,4,6,8,10) in 27:30 (Hard to compress work when you are coughing up a lung. I think this is a PR, but I am not sure. Form felt good. Finished with Renegade Rows: 24kg x 3 x 10. Bowling was OK, but did not score well.

Thursday: Rest/Recover

Friday: DDR/Long Cycle Super Sets: 10 x (LCCJ: 2 24kg x 8 & 1 song DDR)

Saturday (starting to feel a little better):
For n = 10 to 1
Front squats: 2 24kg x n
Pullups: BW x n
Double Swings: 24kg x 10
Next n

Crush Pushups: 3 x 20
Front snatches: 24kg x 3 x 10
Side snatches: 24kg x 3 x 10

Finished the loop in 16:12, and the entire workout in 32:10 (not trying to max out speed on the double snatches).

55 Front Squats, 55 Pullup, 100 double swings, 60 pushup, and 120 snatches. Not bad for a 1/2 hour workout. The pullups were really hard - really had a hard time "centering" them. Probably a problem with thoracic extension endurance.

Sunday: Long Cycle: 2 24kg x (2,6,10); 2 32kg x 5 x (2,5,8)
Double Swings: 2 32kg x 5 x 15; 1 x 25

Looking forward to a strong training week.

Weight: Scary, weighed in at 172, even though not feeling lean.

My video camera, with lots of good video, is not starting. Bummmer.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Some topical things and an observation...

Lawrence Taylor: Are you kidding me dude? What the hell are you thinking?

Tiger Woods: I feel bad that he is hurt. I hope all the golf commentators don't keep talking about Tiger. It is getting kind of annoying. There are a lot of good golfers out there.

Brian Cushing: If he is allowed to play in the games, he should be allowed to win the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. Two thumbs down for the AP. The AP is doing this for PR, and nothing more. I am against PEDs as much as anybody. I also believe in due process.

Faisal Shahzad: All I have to say is this, don't fly with me if you plan on getting anywhere fast. I will probably shave before then too.

Steve Nash: Finally beat the Spurs, while with 6 stitches in his eye. Respect.

DragonDoor Military Grade Bells: I am in the minority, but I think they are too slick. Also, the e-coating make the bells attract everything. Water, grass... I think Dragon Door got the surface perfect in late 2007. Kudos on developing a 16kg with a smaller handle. Sandpaper does help, but they are still very slick. During the RKC I had to find another bell to do the snatch test with because the bells were so hydrophilic.

Recently, one of my "internet" friend, Boris Bachmann asked the question: "Has the internet made you stronger?" I will tell you what I have noticed:
* Intelligent people that have the discipline to research, select, and follow a program are way better off with the additional access to information. They are not only able to select a program, but addition information lets them find other things that enhance that program.

* People that fall for hype or have ADD in their training tend to be even more confused, go back and forth between programs, and/or try to do too many programs at once.

That is all my friends.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I got some new PRs

Lot of really cool stuff happening at the USF Kettlebell club. Guys are setting PRs left and right.

I got an 80lb 3 bell press
James is snatching the 53kg now
Peter is getting easy double presses with the 32kg
Josh is killing the LCCJ
Joe and Claude are new guys setting new records every day
I got UP with the TGU of 24kg+50lb
I got a press with a 40kg L and 24kg R

We are really killing it..

Recent Workouts.

MP: 5 x 3,5,7 ladders of 32kg L/24kg R double presses
Swings: Double 32kg x 12 x 15

Random Press Ladders:
Double Presses: 32kg L/24kg R x 3,5,7
32kg L/24kg: 3,5,7,9 x 2
40kg L x 1,2,3
24kg R x 3,5,7,9
40kg R + 24kg L x 3 x 1 (new PR)

DDR x random heavy swings (max with swings 48kg + 40kg x 15 reps): 10 x 15

Pullups: 5 x 7 (standard, on rings, standard, unstable bar, standard)

10 double front squats
10 double cleans
8 rounds in 16:55 with 2 24kg bells (brutal)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Updated Seminar Schedule

Kettlebell Excellence Series: Advanced Kettlebell Conditioning (Level II)
Date: 05/22/2010 -- 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Take your strength and conditioning to the next level using kettlebell ballistics. Kettlebells are quite simply the most versatile conditioning tool in existence. The foundation on the workshop is on advance kettlebell ballistics to take you conditioning to the next level. You will learn the the following in this workshop:

* How to perform kettlebell high pulls, snatches and cleans effectively, while saving your hands, forearms, and shoulders.

* Learn how to progress to heavier bells fearlessly.

* Learn how to corporate these exercises into your fitness program, no matter what your goals are.

* Best of all, learn why kettlebell ballistics and other "fast eccentrics" are better for fat loss AND superior for developing muscle than the treadmills and other "hamster-style" fitness.

If you want to burn fat and take your kettlebell training to the next level, this class is for you!

==> Prerequisite: Kettlebell Intro Class and/or proficiency with the kettlebell swing.

Kettlebell Excellence Series: Introductory Kettlebell Workshop (Level I)
Date: 05/22/2010 -- 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Curious about kettlebells but were afraid to ask?

Come meet Florida's highest rated RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Faizal Enu, and find out his secrets of effective kettlebell training.

Kettlebells help you:
* Build He-Man Strength (even if you are a woman)
* Blast Unsightly Fat
* Increase Mobility and Athleticism

During this workshop, he will be teaching basic and safe techniques for getting the most out of your kettlebell training.

Some of the topics will include:
* The history of the kettlebell.
* Why you should be training with kettlebells.
* How to design kettlebell workouts that make sense (aka, Any yahoo can smoke you!).
* How NOT to hurt your back or rip your hands during kettlebell training.
* How kettlebell training can increase your sports performance.

Before the end of the workshop, you will be put though one of Faizal Enu's best workouts, dripping with sweat but asking for more!

Open to all fitness levels and abilities.
Registration will be closed 24 hours before date of workshop.
Space is limited to first 10 people.


Kettlebell Excellence Series: Leg Development Workshop (Level I)
Date: 06/05/2010 -- 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM
Development of the lower body is very important, not only to athletes and fighters, but to everybody. In this workshop you will learn how to use kettlebells to maximize the development of the biggest muscles in your body.

Here is what you will learn in this workshop:
* Why balanced leg development is very important (or why is Grandpa getting knee surgery?).
* How kettlebell exercises hit the entire leg musculature.
* What are the ideal sets/reps for leg exercises.
* What makes a squat a squat?

If you want strong legs that won't quit, this workshop is what you have been looking for!

Prerequistites: None

Kettlebell Excellence Series: Core Strength using Kettlebells (Level I)
Date: 06/05/2010 -- 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Core strength, both in terms of mobility and stability, it is the cornerstone of athleticism. Learn how to use kettlebells to improve your core strength. If your idea or abdominal training is endless crunches, you NEED this workshop. A BOSU ball -- You are not serious, are you?

The foundation exercises taught in this workshop include:
* The Turkish Get Up (or TGU)
* The Renegade Row (learn how to stabilize your core under movement)
* Russian Twists
* Figure Eights
* One handed farmers walks and deadlifts

Learn not only how to do these exercises, but how to integrate them into your fitness program.

If you want to train your core the way athletes do, this workshop is where it is at.


Kettlebell Excellence Series: Introductory Kettlebell Workshop (Level I)
Date: 06/12/2010 -- 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Curious about kettlebells but were afraid to ask?

Come meet Florida's highest rated RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor, Faizal Enu, and find out his secrets of effective kettlebell training.

Kettlebells help you:
* Build He-Man Strength (even if you are a woman)
* Blast Unsightly Fat
* Increase Mobility and Athleticism

During this workshop, he will be teaching basic and safe techniques for getting the most out of your kettlebell training.

Some of the topics will include:
* The history of the kettlebell.
* Why you should be training with kettlebells.
* How to design kettlebell workouts that make sense (aka, Any yahoo can smoke you!).
* How NOT to hurt your back or rip your hands during kettlebell training.
* How kettlebell training can increase your sports performance.

Before the end of the workshop, you will be put though one of Faizal Enu's best workouts, dripping with sweat but asking for more!

Open to all fitness levels and abilities.
Registration will be closed 24 hours before date of workshop.
Space is limited to first 10 people.

Kettlebell Excellence Series: High Octane Cardio (Level III)
Date: Sat 06/12/2010 -- 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

High Octane Cardio (HoC) is the best combination of kettlebells are cardio that will incinerate fat and build muscle. Learn how to get the "best of both worlds" to maximize muscle development and fat loss.

In this workshop you will learn:
* What is High Octane Cardio?.
* How to incorporate it into your fitness program.
* How to incorporate different forms of cardio (burpees, jumping rope, DDR, jogging) into HoC.
* Learn different ways to increase the intensity of High Octane Cardio.

If you want to incernerate fat, build the heart of a jackrabbit, or simply want a physical challenge, this workshop is for you.

Prerequisite: A firm grasp of kettlebell basics.


Kettlebell Excellence Series: Doubles Kettlebell Workshop (Level III)
Date: 06/19/2010 -- 9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

Quite simply, if one kettlebell is good, two are going to be better. One you have developed the basics, you are ready to start focusing on double kettlebell training.

Here is what you will learn in this workshop:
* Why double kettlebell movements are superior for developing muscle and work capacity.
* Learn how to use two kettlebells safely and effectively.
* What are some of the difference in training program design with one kettlebell vs. two.
* When are you ready to start using two kettlebells.

If you are looking to double the effectiveness your training, the Doubles Workshop is for you.

Prerequisite: You must have a good grasp of the one-handed swing, military press, clean, and snatch prior to attending this workshop.