Saturday, August 30, 2008

New PRs

I got in a full week (M-F) of training this week. Set a number of new PRs on Friday:
* RKC Snatch Test/32kg: 25L/25R (old 20L/20R)
* 40kg Snatch: 5L (old 4L)
* 40kg Snatch: 10R (old 9L)

I have set a number of new PRs, but I am looking to lose some weight. Will be focusing on ToM swings and high-octane cardio this week.

Bowling practice was better this week. Need to work on freeing the armswing and working the inside of the bowling ball.

Restaurant news:
* Went to Sidebern's - their new menu sucks. Seems like they are working to hard. They have the best ingredients, just keep it simple.
* Try the crab dip at Tampa Bay Brewing company
* SunniBunny frozen yogurt is superior to CaliYogurt

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Haven't been posting in a PR

My bowling has been crap.... (tendonitis in fingers, elbow and shoulder)
My training has been crap.... (see above)
My health has been crap.... (sinus infection)

Given that I haven't done any real snatching in 5 weeks, I wanted to "benchmark" my current conditioning to plan for the future. I decided to do 10L/10R snatches at the top of the minute and see how many minutes I could last. I was expecting to get between 4 and 6 minutes, given my recent training and health....

Well, I did say that this was a PR. I actually made it 10 minutes.In fact, here was the rep scheme:
9 x 10L/10R (top of the minute)
1 x 10L/15R

205 snatches in 10 minutes (SSST)

I called this an accidental PR because I never expected to achieve anything close to an SSST limiting myself to 20 reps/min.

I am going to give this a new name - SSST/Hard Way (it sounds cool).

Some observations:
* I never really slowed down. After the twenty snatches, I pretty much had about 20-22.5 seconds left to rest for all sets.
* My left hand snatches (groove sucks) took about 20 seconds, my right handed snatches took about 17.5 (very smooth and compact)
* I never really felt tired or weak ..., I think that I could have gotten a couple more minutes. I was a lot more dead when I did 130 snatches in 5 minutes.

Maybe six weeks of some halfway decent training, I could hit 230 in the SSST.I may try to do 11L/11R and see if I can maintain that pace for 10 minutes (220 snatches), THEN try the full bore SSST, no limits.Also, for those that ask questions about snatches and ETK, top of the minute snatches would be A good way to measure and modulate volume.

Assuming 10 reps/set is Heavy; then:
8 reps/set would be medium;
6 reps/set would be light (but "perfect")