Friday, August 7, 2009

Weight Loss Update.....other stuff too..

1) Weight is currently down to 183.9. Down over 7 lbs over the last month, 8 lbs to go (and about 22lb since October '08). I am pretty much on target. I have noticed that none of my pants fit, even the ones I bought two weeks ago.. I am fitting into 32s now (barely). My shirts are all real "blousy" as well. I have done no stationary cardio in that time. I love when people ask "What do you do for cardio?" and I say kettlebells, and they say "No, I mean the bike, treadmill...".

There was a guy who chastised me for eating carbs (he was very overweight, but I give him credit, he was working hard), but he no longer goes to the gym. I am sure that his plan of starvation dieting and death march cardio did not work. My fitness was sustainable, the low carb/LSD cardio is not, especially for males over 30.

No loss in strength and getting that V back. Also, I have some loose skin....hmmmmm.

Plan to get to 176:
* A 3 day juice fast (I figured that this is 2-3 lbs right there)
* Dial up the nutrition (now I am just managing the macronutrients and timing of carbs). Go spartan -- no extravagant dinners or alcohol (same way I lost 8lbs in two weeks for the RKC).
* Add outdoor HoC and DDR/HOC+ with 30lb weight vest.

2) Bowled like crap in PBA regional. 97th out of 106. Shot myself in the foot w/corner pin spares. Turned 190 games into 160s/170s. Can't do that at this level.
I though I was going to turn the corner. But I am not giving up. Bowling is a passion of mine, and even though it does not come easy for me, it is something I HAVE TO DO.

3) I had some really good short workouts this week. I have been doing some two a days to fit it in. Mornings are mostly a bodybuilding split with chest/tricep, legs, back, and shoulder/bicep days. Evenings are kettlebells TGUs/Ballistics/and HoC/and DDR
* One workout was just grabbing a KB and doing 5 x 10L/10R w/o putting bell down in under 5 minutes. More work (in terms of foot-lbs) than 85 250lb bench presses.
* Another one was:
12 sets of 2 box squats -- topping out at 285lbs (45s rest between sets)
3 sets of still legged deadlifts -- topping at at 295 lbs. This was about 20 minutes. Box squats have been feeling really strong lately.

==> Heavy lifting or ballistic lifting means you get a lot of back for the buck. Anything after it just gravy. Also, I am convinced heavy lifting keeps the T-levels up. I can see this from observing the guys in the gym emasculated by having to do boring non-weight bearing cardio.

4) DDR training is going well. Setting new records every day. Great for weight loss, and more functional than just about all cardio. Taught me more about my body than just about anything except kettlebells and powerlifting. The other great thing about it, it keeps score (scores for expert level games range, for me at least, from 25000000 to 40000000), so my performance is measured quantitatively instead of being judge qualitatively. Most importantly it is fun and motivating. Not for everyone, but it works for me.

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