Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beach Workouts, Group Training

I am very busy today so I am going to keep this short:

* Due to the success of the intro sessions, Bayshore Kettlebells is now offering semi-private training for $25/session on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 PM. Multi-session discounts available. Location: XpertFitness (2607 W Azeele St., Tampa, FL 33609). It is a good way to get introduced to KBs.

* My workouts for this week so far have been pretty short. Some heavy lat work and bench pressing, as well as some KB skill stuff.

* I did pistols on both legs at Barnes and Nobles today. I don't know if I could do it again.

* One great reason to use kettlebells, they are portable. I was able to go with my girlfriend to the beach. Have I told you how much I dislike the beach? Well, I did the following with the 24kg that I bought:

1) Some snatches in the bay in mid-thigh deep water. While I felt safe, the waves and sand moving beneath your feet make it a non-safe environment.

2) "KB TENS" - doing sets of 10 of every ballistic exercise I can think of.
- Swing, Hang, Dead, Side and Front, and Hand-to-Hand snatches
- Swings
- Cleans, Dead Cleans, and Hand-to-Hand Cleans
- Jerks and Long Cycle Clean Jerks
==> After every set, like in golf, I had to smooth out the sand because my feet were sinking. On a 92F day with no shade, I sweated a lot. 240 repetitions total.

3) Windmills - not an exercise I do very much, but with the sand TGU and armbars are out of the question.

* No weigh in...will post a weight next time that it is appropriate.

* Fall bowling league starts today. Goal: 213 average. I am switching to 15lb equipment to better match up ball speed to revs. My rev rate is lagging and switching to a lighter ball with help that. One of my friends at the gym trading a session/discussion with me for two new bowling balls: A Black Widow and a V2 (retail value, about $330 - how is that for appreciation).

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