Monday, August 17, 2009

Weigh in....

Today's weigh in was 182.5 -- not bad considering two nights out and last workout before today was Saturday afternoon. I drank a good amount of beer this weekend. Not enough to get drunk, but like similar to riding a treadmill - slow and steady, but not enough to make a difference.

My plan this week is:
* to be clean through up to bowling night
* mostly juice fast after post-workout meal tomorrow (leg day)
* Thursday's weigh in (8/20) I want to be at 179
* No cheat meal during bowling night (no hot dogs on hamburgers. Not jalapeno popper on a hamburger.
* Strict through weekend.
* No alcohol till weigh in.
* Just like the weigh in before the RKC, focus on HoC work.
* Split training to rev metabolism
* Coffee in morning.

After getting down to 176 - hitting some RTK cycles to build up mass. Double presses, double snatches, double cleans, LC C&J

Today's workout:
* 35 min of DDR at 7:00 AM

* 1:00 of DDR at 2:30 PM

* 6 PM
Halos: 16kg x 1 x 10
MP ladder with two bell in one hand:
24kg x 1 x 5 (warm up)
16kg+12kg x 1 x 1,3,5
16kg+16kg x 3 x 1,3,5 (only got 1,3,4 with the right)

45 min of HoC cardio, including:
Front snatches, 24kg
Side snatches, 24kg
C&P with two 16kg bells
Double Snatches, 16kg
Hang Snatches, 24kg
C&J with two 16kg bells

All this in 87F heat with high humidity. Good thing I sanded the bells.
Note: My old soccer coach told me that you needed "the summertime heat to get in shape". Now it is drive to the gym, because it is too hot to walk outside. We have gotten sissified. Not me, I am hitting the bells outside, and I don't care how hot it is outside. People were in a lot better shape when my coach told me this (about 24 years ago) than we are today. I don't let fat people who have committed to a fitness program for 3 weeks and who sweat bacon grease tell me what ideal conditions are for getting in shape. Sometimes it is hard, hot, or heavy. Sometimes all three - SUCK IT UP!

100m: Usain Bolt is the man. Unlike the other former "World's Fastest Men," he doesn't looked drugged up.

Golf: Those who say that EY Yang didn't win the PGA, but Tiger lost in don't know anything about sports. The rest of the field fell because of the wind and the tough pin placements (almost everyone was above par). Only EY and Tiger were still in contention. EY mad a clutch eagle chip and just a sick 200 yard shot (over a tree from the rough) to 8' on 18 to force Tiger to be aggressive and go after the stick. Tiger did not choke, he hit decent shots when he had to play aggressive. EY hit the shot to win. Sportscasters, stop looking at numbers and WATCH THE MATCH. Also, stop pandering to Woods! You lose all credibility when you do.

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