Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update of stuff...

1) Did not weight in so far. Going to wait till Saturday. Want to be at 179. I did not have a lot of time this week. Lot of stuff going on (writing and some new clients). I did have a change to create two new short workouts.

Really short workout (Wednesday night, < 20 minutes):
* Work up to a near-maximum TGU: 24kg x 1R/1L, 32kg x 1R/1L, 40kg x 1R/1L, 48kg x 1L/1R (took about 7 minutes IIRC)
* Tabata Swings: 32kg x 8 x (:20 on/:10 off) (total time: 4 minutes)
- simple brutal effective. I felt like I was burning calories for the next 12 hours (PRs and OEPC? will do that).

Short workout (Thursday night, < 20 minutes), I am going to call this DDR/HoC/RTK, alternated:
* One song of DDR on "Expert Level"
* 8 Reps of LC C&J with 2 24kg bells
==> Did this for about 35 minutes, or about 15 songs of DDR + 120 LLCJ. I can really feel how the LC will really increase the mass

For me, the LC is about 106# * 5.5" or 583ft*lb/rep or the equivalent work of 2.25 225# BP. In this time period, I did the equivalent work of 266 225# bench presses. Keep in mind, I also burned approximately 330 calories from just the DDR.

Can you see brutal conditioning.

2) A lot of people have been talking about steroids in sports and the Olympics. The only thing that I really have to add is that the athletes on TV look LESS ROIDED than many of the gym HGH-gut guys. While drug testing may not be gettin rid of the PEDs, I have a feeling they are making a difference.

3) Bowling: Still throwing the ball well, not scoring. Live and learn, if it was easy, it would not be fun. Also, because I practice 20 games per week, I am not "entitled" to a 220 average.

4) It is starting to be safe to take the KBs outside again. Once the temperature gets below 90, we are good to go. My old soccer coach said, you need the summer heat to get into shape. I agree 100%.

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