Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TGU PR, double KB press

Planned on getting in a hard workout at the studio, but got Return of the Kettlebell (RTK) and couldn't stop reading it. Even though it isn't the most entertaining book, I figure if I model my training after it and get the same results from it -- it will bet a good use of $40. If I get 3 exercise that I add to my training program, then it is more than worth it.

Did the side snatch -- awesome. I will give a more complete review when I put everything into practice.

Evening workouts:
Halos: 16kg x 1 x 10L/10R
Presses: 24kg, 16kg+12kg x 1 x 5; 16kg + 16kg x 4 x 5; 24kg + 16 kg x 1 x 2L; 24kg + 12kg x 1 x 1R (these felt good -- good for making your presses more vertical and getting your groove "behind you"). Really felt the "zip up" with these.
TGU: (2x16kg) x 1/l;
70lb, 90lb, 110lb (PR) with short barbell x 1/1

At 110lb, the roll to pistol grip is hard. That barbell does not want to move. Also, positioning is key. The crunch was hard. You have to be tight. The hip "bridge"/slide was not too bad, as was the lunge up. The lunge down was tough, and he sliding leg back was very hard to keep steady. The reverse crunch was easy (but I see a lot of people plop on this on PR efforts.

* Also not kipping to get it up.
* Took a long time -- felt like about 40 seconds.

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