Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kettlebell Workshops


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sacrifice.....or short term gratification....

I just want to clarify something really quickly, I am not really big about thinking about fitness and wellness a sacrifice. I looked up the word, and it means:

Sacrifice (from a Middle English verb meaning "to make sacred", from Old French, from Latin sacrificium: sacr, "sacred" + facere, "to make") is commonly known as the practice of offering food, objects (typically valuables), or the lives of animals or people to the gods as an act of propitiation (i.e., appeasement of the Gods)...

I am not sure why this is, but the term sacrifice came up about 5 times this regarding either training and/or nutrition. I hear it occasionally in my practice, but more this week than ever.

A lot of times people will say something like "Is it worth the sacrifices I have to make in my diet and exercise to get skinny?". Also, a lot of people also ask, "How long is this going to take?....Really that long? Is it worth it?"

Well here is the problem with this thinking:
1) Diet and exercise is not really a sacrifice. Why? Because you are not appeasing anybody but yourself. No one else benefits from your health and fitness but you. Diet and exercise are something that you are SUPPOSED to do.

2) Generally when you are talking about sacrifice, you are giving up something that is good for you for the betterment of others. Being a couch potato and eating pizza are not going to appease whatever God you believe in. Also, no one (with the exception of your cardiologist or endocrinologist) benefits from this.

Now getting back to something more practical. When you are thinking about whether it is "worth it", you really can't think about today because:
1) You haven't put the work in yet, and more importantly,
2) You haven't experienced the benefits of your work yet and may not for some time.

But when we are talking about sacrifice, what we are really talking about is gratification:
* Junk food provides immediate gratification, but will harm you long term. In the short term, it may be amazing.
* Exercise and good nutritution bring very delayed gratification, which is realized gradually over the course of months if not years. It may even hurt short term.

So if you are asking the question about sacrifice, you are really asking about short-term vs. long-term gratification. Forward thinking vs. myopic thinking. NOW vs. LATER.

I will leave you with these thoughts:
* I have never, EVER met someone who is in shape, especially after being overweight for some time, say "You know, if I knew I was going to work this hard or it was going to take this long, I wouldn't have done it." Never heard that sentiment expressed.

8 Time Mr.Olympia
==> I don't think Ronnie is wondering whether it was worth it or not.

* I have never met someone who was fat say "I am really glad I eat the majority of my meals at McDonald's, in hindsight that was a really bright decision."

I have run projects for many years, and after the successful completion, no one ever regrets the effort it takes. In fact, a year down the road they don't even remember. But boy a the beginning do we argue about "why does it take so long?" and "It is
going to cost how much?"

Big Mac and Fries
Really, giving this up is sacrifice?

Sacrifice!.....Give a me a break!


Friday, September 24, 2010

New Reviews....

My clients are really killing these days. They are just really seeing the results. Whether they are looking to lose weight, put on size, get stronger, or just feel better ==> everyone is stepping up.

Here is a review from Peter Baker, who is someone I have been working with for a while. Peter was one of the first people to reach out to me about Kettlebell Instruction, and he killed it back then. Now Peter is juggling the bells that he used to snatch. He is double pressing bells he used to cheat press. Peter is a lot more muscular now, as noted by his over 100lb deadlift improvement. Here was Peter's original review:

Faizal's method of instruction was clear cut and very lucid. I have been kettlebelling for about two years now, and still learned a great deal from him. People in the Tampa area would do well to hire Mr. Enu (especially the yuppies living in his area--Bayshore). With his lucid style, clear explanations he earned his ten.

And here is the updated one:

Years ago when I met Faizal I didn't know that I could or that I would be doing the things I am doing now. I never thought that I would deadlift over 400lbs. I never thought I could strictly press 96lbs over my head, with an awkward leverage due to holding two kettlebells. I never thought I would be snatching, for reps, a 32kg kettlebell. I never thought I could snatch a kettlebell, with 15 seconds of rest between sets, for around 25 minutes. I also never thought I would be doing clean and jerks for reps with a pair of 32kg bells.

Back then, I couldn't press a 32kg bell for more than three reps. Forget a double press. Back then my deadlift was a hundred pounds less. Back then I was terrified to snatch a 32kg kettlebell. Differences between then and now are astounding. You readers, do the math.

And the ladies are into it also, here is a workshop review, from Stacey:

"Faizal, thanks so much. The Core and Joint Mobility Workshop was awesome and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in strengthening their core and improving flexibility and posture. I love working with kettlebells and I especially appreciate the detailed way you go about teaching each and every movement. As a personal trainer fairly new to the field I feel it's important to learn from the best instructors! I look forward to more workshops and classes!"

Here is another one from Brittany:

Since taking Faizals beginners kettlebell workshop my fitness has gone
nowhere but up. I've since taken his intermediate level workshop in
addition to private training sessions. Unlike traditional personal
training, Faizal just doesn't simply tell you to do something, he
explains the reasoning behind every correction and movement. This
gives you the tools to truly learn about kettlebells, rather than just
paying someone to walk you through a workout. As a member of the
military, the carryover from using kettlebells has been substantial.
It takes me a lot longer to feel fatigue while running, I am much
stronger and I have had positive changes in my physique. This will
help me do much better on my fitness exams. Kettlebell training with
Faizal has been the most productive training I have ever done! (and she has done a lot)

Brittany and her husband have both taken my workshops, became clients and recently cancelled their gym membership. Why? The only reason that matters....RESULTS, tangible, visible results.

If you are on the fence about kettlebell training, it works. There is no question, if you put in the work.

Contact me to schedule an initial consultation! faizalenu (at) or 813-951-7470.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tampa-area kettlebell workshops

10/02 -- Kettlebell Excellence Series: Introductory Kettlebell Workshop

10/09 -- Kettlebell Excellence Series: Intermediate Kettlebell Workshop

10/23 -- Kettlebell Excellence Series: Introductory Kettlebell Workshop



All workshops will be held at XtremeAthletix (1505 W Cypress St., Tampa, FL 33606) on Saturdays from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM.

To register, go to, then click on "Workshops & Events"

Bring a towel and water and flat-soled shoes!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Best way to program the Turkish get up....

1) Teach someone how to do it correctly, without weight or with a shoe. This is critical. If this is not don't the Turkish Get Up becomes and American Roll Over.

2) Tell the to do Turkish Get Up 2x/week for 8 minutes at a time

3) Let them move up in weight when they are ready (they will know when they are ready)

==> I got someone who was barely able to do one unweighted to doing them with a 16 kg FLAWLESSLY with a 16kg) in about 1 month.

The TGU is self correcting, don't overcoach it.

Also, if they don't have kettlebells they can still practice at home.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

South Tampa Kettlebell workshops!

Upcoming Kettlebell Workshops in South Tampa:

09/18 -- Kettlebell Excellence Series: Core & Mobility Kettlebell Workshop

10/02 -- Kettlebell Excellence Series: Introductory Kettlebell Workshop

10/09 -- Kettlebell Excellence Series: Intermediate Kettlebell Workshop

10/23 -- Kettlebell Excellence Series: Introductory Kettlebell Workshop
10/30 -- Kettlebell Excellence Series: Core & Mobility Kettlebell Workshop
11/13 -- Kettlebell Excellence Series: Intermediate Kettlebell Workshop
12/04 -- Kettlebell Excellence Series: Introductory Kettlebell Workshop

All workshops will be held at XtremeAthletix (1505 W Cypress St., Tampa, FL 33606) on Saturdays from 9:30 - 11:30 AM.

Bring a towel and water and flat-soled shoes!

Monday, September 13, 2010

10 RKC certification tips....

1) In the snatch test, keep the bell up in the air.

2) For men, if you are within 5 lbs of making weight to snatch a lower bell, make weight.

3) For one day you will be expected to carry your bell around with you. Don't look like an amateur and farmers walk it or rack walk it. Clean it, then roll it to your shoulder.

4) Come in in shape. If you consider 20 swings a hard work out, you are not in shape.

5) If you are already an HKC, don't be arrogant when you come to the RKC (I have seen this).

6) Learn the teaching drills during the weekend. Don't expect to teach people the snatch by saying "watch me". Learn the corrective drills. I would have failed another 3 people in my group because their corrective skills were not up to par. Also, learn to recognize for errors.

7) Come to the social events. It was embarrassing in San Jose to only have 16 people show up for dinner when it should have been over 50. This is part of your education too.

8) Know proper hand care prior to the cert. If you don't know, ask someone.

9) Don't sacrifice everything else you do for the snatch test. By doing this you demonstrate that you don't understand the certification and you don't understand balanced training.

10) Show up rested. That means go low volume, low intensity the week prior to the cert. That does not mean that rest for 10 days prior.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

James Meerbot Snatch Test

"I recently started Russian Kettlebell training with Faizal Enu and have seen UNREAL results. After 4 MONTHS of training three times a week I have LOST 47 POUNDS. I have seen dramatic changes in more than just my weight and ability to work with kettlebells, but I have also seen tremendous gains in fitness and athleticism. This comes most in handy with my Judo training. I am no longer completely spent after each Judo training session because my conditioning has shot up drastically from doing tons swings (no exageration - sometimes as many as 28 TONS of weight moved). Any one seriously training martial arts NEEDS to train this way. I simply DON'T GET TIRED anymore.

Heck, I even got my girlfriend, who has never done any physical training in her entire life, to come and see what's its all about. So far she is loving every minute of it. No matter what you fitness level is, you will love it. If you have tried other forms of training, and haven't found something that works for you, give this a shot - YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID.

If you are interested in getting better at sports or lopping off some fat (or both, like me) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking Bayshore Kettlebell's classes. You will not be disappointed and you will be learning from the best. I learn something new EVERY session. This is not some mindless boot camp, this is STRENGTH and CONDITIONING at it finest.

I recently passed the RKC Snatch Test (100 24kg snatches in under 5 minutes) in 4:40 on my first attempt. This is after only four months of training. If you have a goal, Faizal WILL get you there. Now I am actually looking to gain weight using double kettlebell drills. You will NEVER OUTGROW this style of training, and it can be suited to your needs and goals.

I now cannot imagine life without kettlebells!"

James Meerbot