Sunday, July 19, 2009


176 Challenged: Weighed in at 187.5 earlier this week. Diet and exercise were off after Wednesday because of schedule and allergies. I should be able to bring it around. Next weight in: Monday.

Made some garbage bread on sunday. Garbage bread has the same ingredients as pizza, but you roll it up like a pinwheel for a special treat.

Workouts this weeks:
Friday: Back/KBs only
* Renegade Rows: 32kg x 6 x 5, 32kg x 2 x 10
* Single arm rows: 32kg x 4 x 7
* Double Rows: 32kg x 3 x 10
* Snatches: 24kg x 20L/20R; 24kg x 5 x 10L/10R without putting bell down in under 4:00
* Swings: 32kg x 6 x 20

* Snatches: 32kg x 10L/10R, 32kg x 4 x 5L/5R without putting bell down
* Dead cleans: 24kg x 10 (too correct RC lateral rotation per Kenneth Jay, MRKC)
* Swings: 40kg x 3 x 15
* KB Burpees: (2 x 32kg) x 2 x 15

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