Monday, July 27, 2009

diet update...

Diet is still going well -- currently 187.5, want to get down to 185.5 before Friday. My back has been bothering me, so the workouts are not intense.

Today I played 45min of DDR in the morning
10 games of bowling in the afternoon.

If you look over to the left side of the blog page, I put up some new KB pictures, with more to follow. I really like the background and the red in the shirt really pops.

Don't forget, the TSC is coming up on Sept 26. Don't leave your preparation to chance. Get you customized training program to help prepare for it. There is a pay Pal link in the upper left of my blog. Even the best athletes have coaches. If you are thinking of getting into the top five -- read my reviews (definitely outside of the box yet effective training).

Bowling was hit and miss. Bowled well in my sport league and in practice, but poorly in the tournament. I have a PBA regional this weekend -- wish me luck.

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