Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bowling; Working Out; DDR

My back is still killing me, but only after I wake up or sit for over 15 minutes....Not looking forward to Friday's weigh in.

Today's workout:
9:40 -- Took pictures for Kettlebell marketing material
It only took about 25 minutes, but I was soaked. It was about 90F, and I did all of the basic (and some not so basic) KB exercises an took about 400 picture. Thanks again for taking them Heather! The one I saw looked awesome. Looking forward to making some new fliers and putting a slideshow up in the future.

5:00 -- 1 hours of DDR
After my back loosened up, I was really smooth on the Dance Pad. I set some new PRs, including and Expert-level 168 combos. Hit 39,000,000 for the first time ever. "Breaking Records and Taking Names." I have said this a number of times, but DDR has gotten more people in shape than P90X and Tae Bo combined.

8:30 -- post-client KB workout at the new Studio
24kg x 1 x 5
24kg + 15lb x 1 x 5
24kg + 20lb x 4 x 5
24kg + 16kg x 1 x 1L (glad I got this)

Short Barbell TGU:
20lb x 1 x 1
60lb x 1 x 1
80lb x 1 x 1

24kg + 20lb x 2 x 1

KB armbars: 24kg x 2

KB armbar press: 24kg x 1 x 10 (great exercise)

On the 1:30
24kg x 8 x 10 snatches left/10 snatches right/10 swings
==> This was really cool
160 snatches and 80 swings in 12 minutes
Finished each set between 55 and 60 seconds (at 2s/snatch and 1.5s/swing -- that is 55 seconds nominal time)
Hands felt good
I really liked this....

11:30 45 minutes DDR.

Looking forward to the PBA regional. Practice round is at 10:30 in the morning, and I can make it. I have been doing some work on my external rotator cuff muscles to improve armswing. Need to keep up with ball fit and changing lane conditions.

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