Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today's Workout and other stuff....

I had a lot of time to myself today (only 2 clients, the other 2 were out sick), so I took advantage. Besides laundry and errands, I was able to do the following:

* Made some stir fry broccoli and chicken
* Made some broccoli and chicken garbage bread
--If you don't know what garbage bread is, just ask
* Made a big salad with all the romain clusters
* Juiced the rest of the carrots, celery, and apples
* Roasted some broccoli and carrots
--cut broccoli florets and carrots into bit sized pieces
--coat baking sheet with olive oil
--roast for 15 minutes at 385F
--season with salt, pepper and cumin to taste

Two workouts today:
Early afternoon (Chest Day):
* Bench Press: 135, 185 x 1 x 5; 205, 215 x 1 x 2 (these still hurt my shoulder like a bitch)
* Incline DB Bench: 95 x 2 x 10
* Cable Crossovers
* Decline Hammer Strength
* Pec Dec
* Alternating presses, hands out

* Tricep Pressdown
* Tricep Presses: worked up to 225 x 1 x 1
* Skull Crushers

Late evening
* Random KB exercise (5)
* Alternated 2 songs of DDR with 15 Beast swings

Weight: 187.2 (but I think I was a little dry) - about 11lbs to go.

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