Saturday, November 20, 2010

Training Update, and what are people thinking....

1) I have one workout left of my 12 week foray with RtK. Gained 6lbs after week 10, but after doing Paleo I lost 3 lbs in a week and a half. I am still hitting PRs in the workouts, so all it good. Here are some things about RtK
- If you are not getting a "conditioning effect" you are not working heavy or fast enough
- You should feel like your metabolism is on fire.
- If you goal is not MASS, pick another program
- Learn how to do Jerks correctly. I have seen some really shitty jerk technique from people that should know better. The grip, the hips, the ankles, the clean, the dip. Get it right.

2) Variety work on RtK. You can do some, but I would keep the intense workouts to a minimum. I pretty much stayed with:
* DDR/Swings - intense, but not in a strength way
* MaxVO2 snatches - 20kg bell/8 reps per set 20-30 minutes
* Pullups/DDR
* TGU - 24kg
* Barbell squats and good mornings (these are weak)

3) One thing I have noticed, the reason there are so many shitty fitness products out there is because the general public has so many shitty misconceptions about diet and exercise. It is the public's fault, industry is just meeting a need.

4) Most women tend to lift too light. I have picked up a few female clients that have kettlebells, but they are in the 10 and 15lb varieties. For most of these women, what a waste. Most of these women can work with a 26lb bells, which means they will burn almost 70% more calories with an appropriate bell. Not that I am pressured to make someone work with a heavier bell, but you don't use a light bell to learn technique, sorry Jillian, Ryan, and Kate.

5) Having been doing Paleo for a week and a half and talking about it, I have found people don't understand certain things:
* We are the only animal that drinks milk after weaning.
* Fruits and vegetables have a lot of fiber, but relative to whole grains have a LOT more trace minerals and vitamins.
* You can create glucose (blood sugar) from non-carbohydrate sources, i.e., proteins and fats.
* If you have gained 10lbs in the last year, you are not "all set" on diet.
* If you have gained over 15lb in the last year, you HAVE distorted eating patterns (i.e., you are eating for other reasons other than fueling the body)
* If your diet is not working for you, why are you loyal to it. People are more loyal to their dysfunctional diets than their religion or spouses.

6) A lot of people say "they will do whatever it takes to get results" but then they don't do anything. You know what gets results: ANYTHING. ANYTHING you do will result in SOMETHING. NOTHING will always yield nothing. What the fly are you waiting for. The results ALWAYS comes AFTER the efforts.

7) There are no perfect programs. If there were, we wouldn't have magazines, just 1 book about fitness. Also, gym teachers might actually be in shape. Even if there was a perfect program for you, you wouldn't know what it is (Principle of Individual Differences). Also, after you do it for a while, it is not perfect anymore (Overload Principle). Most people would be better off picking a program and doing it, rather than trying to modify programs to FIT them.

Here is what I have noticed. Experienced trainers PICK programs and execute them. Noobs waste effort bouncing between and/or optimizing programs. Think about it.

5) I need to do more movement training, esp hamstring and thoracic mobility.


Jennifer said...

Nice post, Faizal. Lots of wisdom here. Lots.

Boris said...

Good thoughts Faiz.