Monday, November 22, 2010

10 rules for keeping on track over Thanksgiving....

I am taking this week to visit my family at my sister's house in Philadelphia. I am really looking forward to it. I haven't seen my parents since February, and my sisters, nephews, and nieces in a year. It is going to be fun. But my family likes to eat and Philadelphia is one of the best places for good food.

1. Get 15 minutes of physical activity per day.

2. Stay Paleo, the Pilgrims probably did (Meat, Nuts, Seeds, Vegetables, and Fruits). My parents are picking up Indian food from Edison, so the first couple of days should be easy. Just need to avoid the desserts.

3. Mashed potatoes are not a vegetable, even if they are sweet potatoes.

4. Play some Dance Dance Revolution (my blog, my rules) or do some other form of "exergaming."

5. If you are traveling, see if you can find a friend that needs a workout partner. These workouts are always fun.

6. If you fall of the wagon for one meal, or one day -- get back on.

7. If you are going to indulge, enjoy it. My nephew wants to go to Tony Luke's. I hope it is better than Pat's or Geno's. Also, make it about more than the food. If someone takes me to Morimoto's, that would be devine.

8. Even if it is cold, get outside. The Sun is good for you.

9. Do not use alcohol to either stay warm or because you are thirsty.

10. If you gain some weight, don't sweat it. Most of it is water.

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