Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One week on Paleo....insight

This last week I took a 3 hour course on Paleo at Xtreme Athletix in South Tampa. I am not really looking for a diet per se, but a lot of my clients are. The Paleo/Primal/Caveman diet is becoming more popular and I wanted to get some first hand experience with it.

After 8 days here is what I have found:
* I am rarely hungry at all

* I fall asleep better at night (not "Tired and Wired")

* I see longer w/out waking up. In fact, I wake up before my alarm clock, and it feels like I have overslept. It is awesome.

* I have done more writing and my mind seems clearer.

* I am as strong. I have hitting all numbers in my RtK workouts.

* I am down one notch on my belt loop, and five lbs total. I really don't feel like buying clothes again.

* If you value your time, a seminar is more than worth the time it takes to really learn not just the HOW, but also the WHY. The WHY is important because if you don't understand, it is just this "unconventional" diet. If you have tried everything, but nothing works - the reason Paleo works where others don't is the WHY. Learn it.

===> Not everything can be hunky dory...
* Really hard to eat out on this diet. Really hard --- learn to cook and get some knife skills.
Cooking Knifes

* Impossible to eat at the gas station. Plan ahead. I work out of my car, so this is critical for me.

* I crave a sandwich, not so much for the bread, but the "sandwich" is just a great idea. No silverwear or plates.

* All my pantry (dry goods) items are non-Paleo. Basically, Paleo food is stuff that rots.

* I am not giving up my weekend beer(s). Sorry. Non-Negotiable. I count that as part of my 15% non-compliance.

Again -- don't want to pass judgement too early. Every diet works initially. I don't want to be the douchebag that goes on diet for week and feel compelled to brag to his friends about it. Also, I don't want to act like there is only one diet in the world that work. If that was true, I wouldn't have a job and there wouldn't be so many fat people around.

One word of advice to those that are frustrated with diets and have tried everything:
TRY THIS - what do you have to lose.. If you have Type II Diabetes or any other auto-immune disease and nothing else works --- TRY IT.

If think Paleo is just low carb, read the book!

I will have an update on this soon.

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