Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some Random Thoughts....

1. Dallas Cowboys: Not sure what is up with them. They look like they are a college team. Funny thing is that is not that they are not trying, it just looks like they are unprepared in all three facets of the game. If that is the case, the coach has to go. And I am a Wade Phillips fan, only one losing season in 12 years of coaching.

2. Cam Newton/Auburn: Curious timing of the revelation of the allegations. But when you do a crime, you have to expect that. I have to believe if this info was leaked that Miss. State has to be sure of this.

3. Paleo Diet: I took a Paleo fundamentals class at Xtreme Athletix ( and I will be following this diet for 21 days. Now a lot of you may be wondering why I am doing this, since I am already in decent shape:
a) This is a relative new diet that is very popular, but people don't understand it.
b) The logic behind it is for the most part fundamentally sound and evidence based.
c) There are a lot of my clients that would benefit from it, and I want to go through it so I am giving a first hand rather than a third hand perspective.
d) It looks at how you feel, how you perform, and how you look. It doesn't "chase weight loss" like some other boot camps, diets, and fitness shows.
==> I have lost weight in the past on low fat, low carb, Zone, and JEL diets. Most diets work. The quality of the diet is how it fits in with the rest of your life. I would be a jackass if I recommended it w/out testing it.

Stuff I have noticed so far:
a) I am not as hungry or as thirsty.
b) Most pantry/dry food items are NOT PALEO.
c) Thinking more clearly.

4. Circuits: Personal trainers - not everything needs to be a freakin' circuit. Circuits are great, I use them myself. They are great for conditioning. Not so great for strength and size. That is why Westside does not have a circuit training manual.

5. Dragon Door Kettlebells: I picked up over 750lbs of kettlebells for friends and clients about 3 weeks ago. These new bells rock. They improved the coating so it stays on better. A great bell. Even though it would have been worth a higher price, probably saved about $600 on shipping alone.

6. BCS: If Auburn and Oregon will out, they deserve to be in the title game. If one falters (both have rivalry games), the Boise State should get the nod. I know that TCU has the better body of work, but Boise State won last year's bowl game...head to head trumps all that other stuff.

7. Have gained about 7 lbs on this cycle of Return of the Kettlebell (RtK). I am on week 7 right now. All times are coming down (no sissy circuits of burpees, walking lunges, and pink band bicep curls). Work hard and eat aggressively if you have earned it with the following:
a) 100 snatches in 5 minutes with a 24kg bell
b) Clean and Press the kettlebell closest to 1/2 your bodyweight.
==> If you haven't done this, Enter the Kettlebell (EtK) IS your mass plan.

8. Bowling: After a very rough start after not bowling in the summer, I have finally got my timing down. 694 and 645 the last two weeks. I have found that kettlebells help with the physical part of bowling (explosive strength, joint mobility, and balance) but don't have anything to do with the skill of bowling.

9. Program Design: Some people are just negligent about program design. I got 3 e-mails this week about people wanting new programs. I asked what they were doing, and they said their training programs were given to them by certified trainers. I WAS SHOCKED BY THE LAZYNESS and NEGLIGENCE that these trainers showed. Unreal.

10. Product Reviews: If you are reviewing a DragonDoor publication, hold off on the review till you actually have put it into practice for 4-6 weeks. That way, otherwise your review is just an educated guess. You can use knowledge and research to make a bad recommendation (see all the fitness related stuff on Yahoo), so unless you have put it into practice, your review is useless at best.

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