Friday, November 5, 2010

Return of the Kettlebell Success

Just complete week 6 of RtK. I love this program. After losing 1 lb in the first three weeks, I have gained 6 lbs in the last week. Even better than that, my performance has gone up significantly, especially in the Long Cycle. The biggest difference was really aggressive eating. When in doubt, eat. Pre- and post-workout are critical. If you do RtK right, your metabolism should be ON FIRE.

I have decreased my time in the medium day: 2 24kg x 5 x 2,4,6,8,10 from 28 minutes to ~24:30

I have decreased my time in the heavy day: 2 32kg x 5 x 2,4,6,8 from about 52 minutes to 41:15

I have already talked about some tips for the long cycle, but here are a couple more:
* Watch your breathing, you want to be full of air at the bottom of the clean and at the bottom of the jerk. I am guessing this won't be the same as GS, but you are doing sets from 2-10 instead of 40-70. Big difference.

* Don't fully externally rotate your shoulders at the top of the jerk. Harder to pack the shoulder and more strain on the back. I believe I got this tip indirectly from (Fireman) Tom Corrigan.

* Eye position: Look down on the horizon.

* When you are done with the heavy rung, get the light run on the next ladder at the point where you can finish it. This imcomplete recovery will help with density, and in turn, muscle size.

* The "second" dip should be crisp, and try to keep the heels down.

* Feel the catch at the bottom of the second dip.

* Get thoracic extension at the bottom of the clean. This helps with taming the clean and protects the back.

* Fire your hands into the corner of the handle. This improves your leverage and comfort.

As great as this long-cycle is, I would never do GS. Too hard. But the RtK program is awesome - simple and effective!

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