Friday, November 26, 2010

Sports stuff....just opinions....

1) The Dallas Cowboys are playing harder, with more heart, and are better prepared since the coaching change. They gave one away against the Saints, and I feel bad for Roy Williams.

2) If anyone else but Payton Manning threw a pick when his team:
* Needs a field goal to tie and
* The team is already in field goal range
==> That QB would have been absolutely skewered in the media. Just saying!

3) The Miami Heat are nowhere near the team that the Showtime Lakers were.

4) Boise State and TCU are more deserving of a national title game than one-loss Wisconsin, Michigan State, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and LSU. If Auburn loses to South Carolina in the SEC championship. Either Boise St. or TCU should be in the title game EVEN THOUGH I think Auburn is better than both teams. Non-BCS teams have come up big in the past (Boise St. over Oklahoma, Utah over Alabama, Utah over Pitt).

5) Boise St. would beat Wisconsin by 3 touchdowns if they play. I agree with Pat Hill. Boise St. also has more NFL ready players on their roster.

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Faizal S. Enu said...

No sooner do I write this does Boise St. blow a 17 point halftime lead.

That's sports, folks.