Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Great Review

I got another review on the DragonDoor website. While I appreciate every positive review that I get, I really appreciate the ones that describe what is happening on a personal level.

I have been training with Faizal for about 2 months now and I am already seeing great results. He has a very knowledgeable approach to teaching and always takes the time to explain why we do specific things. This attention to detail and willingness to educate instead of just trying to force you through makes for a much more enjoyable workout.
==> Translation: Any numbnut can put you through a workout. Results are from being intelligent.

What makes Fiazal an amazing instructor is how he stresses that he is right there with you and is gonna help push you through when you come to a wall. An example of this, a couple weeks into learning Kettlebell I had to do 400 swings as part of my workout for the day and it was the end of the workout. I was pretty much dead when I got to 350 and was lagging behind everyone else. I was about ready to quit when Faizal picked up a 70 pound bell and told me that he was gonna snatch it until I finished my last 50 swings, and that we were there to support eachother reach our goals. I immediately picked up the bell I was working with and pushed out those last 50 swings.
==>Now I know someone will say that 400 swings is too much for a workout, and in many cases that is correct. I had been working with James for a while and I know what he was capable of. Also, while it is easy to goad someone into doing work, I am appalled at some of the trainers out there who are NO SHOW AND NO GO. I am also puzzled by people who push people through bad technique. I also get very discouraged with trainers who teach kettlebells with absolutely no ability to use them.

Some of the people teaching KBs could never pass a snatch test. If you haven't been there, how are you going to tell someone how to get there. Just saying.... Anyone who works with me knows that I have been there and done that with KBs, strength training, and weight loss. I know for a fact it is way easier to teach someone KBs if they have never worked with anyone than if they are taught by one of the trainers out there.

James Meerbott - Tampa, Fl

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