Friday, June 4, 2010

Workout this week..

I don't even everything I did this week, but here is my best recollection:

LC: 2 32kg 4 x x 2,4,6,8

DDR and Swings: 2 32kg x 10 x 15

Morning: LC test with 32kg: 2 32kg x 2 x 11
Evening: LC EDT with 24kg: 2 24kg x 103 reps in 15:00min

Pullups: BW x 2 x 5,7,9,10

morning: TGU: 32kg x 10:00, and some DDR
evening: RTK Grind Block: 2 24kg x 5 x 2,4,6,8 + squats at end of last rung.

Ready for the grind block. Was a little sick at the beginning of the block, so not really where I want to be. Lost a lot of weight in the last two weeks, about 5 lbs. A little to fast for me.

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