Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kettlebell Workshop Review/INTRO KETTLEBELL Seminar

"I attended this workshop last week and I can tell you it was awesome. I have been using bells for 4 (ish) months and have a good basic knowledge. Faizel (sic) was able to help me refine some basics and teach total newcomers as well. Faizel also cleaned up a couple of form issues with my press and had me pressing a 24 kg! I have never pressed anything heavier than my 16kg. For anyone new to bells or has a little bit of experience, this workshop is good buy. I am sending my wife and my good friend to this intro workshop and I plan on going to his level 2 workshop. If your in the bay area check it out, the gym is awesomely old school with huge tires, ropes, pull up bars and such. I learned a ton about the TGU as well and I got a great workout. Small class size also ensured more personal attention. Look into this.....


This workshop review typifies the responses that I get. It is not uncommon for anybody, no matter how experienced, to go up one bell size after one workshop or session.

Also, the TGU is a great exercise, but is very hard to teach. Since I teach it in my classes on a weekly basis, it is second nature to me. The TGU portion of the current RKC certification is ridiculously detailed (thank you MRKC O'Conner). If you want to master this exercise, come to one of my workshops.

Also, in these workshops, I get to work with a lot of different people at a lot of different levels. The great thing about this is that you get all perspectives, making for a more complete experience.

Again, if you are interested in this workshop, but wondering whether it is for you, IT IS. Sign up now:

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