Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Some workouts this week....

I have not been logging my workouts much, but here are some that I did.

Quick evening workout:
TGU: 24kg x 10:00
Top of the minute swings: 48kg x 10 x 12

My gym has only 75lb dumbbells, so I did some renegade incline DB presses and some see-saw DB presses. I was able to get 10s with both variations.

I did a double KB presses for 24kg x 4 x (2,4,6,8), then double KB snatches for 24kg x 3 x 15. I had been practicing some uneven snatches with (20kg + 16kg) and it really is not much of a core workout like other people say it is.

On leg day, I have been doing DL for sets of 15 with 245lb. Pretty easy so far, I am going to try 265 tomorrow.

I taught one of my clients the renegade row, and he loves it.

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