Sunday, October 25, 2009

DDR Hottest Party 3 is coming out...

I am looking forward to getting this new version of Dance Dance Revolution. I am looking forward to the following features:
* 8 arrow mode (more precise movements as well as differing movements)
* Potential using of the balance board and incorporating those movements
* New songs and new challenges

I have talked about Dance Dance Revolution a lot. I believe if that you want to lose weight and you have a Wii, you owe it to yourself to give DDR a shot for the following reasons:
* I know the term "functional" gets thrown around a lot, but DDR is functions in that you move your body around in all different ranges of motion. If you have asymmetries, you will find them quickly just playing a couple of songs. And the kicker is they get corrected just by playing. A lot of cardio "creates" imbalances.
* The song does not slow down for you. This makes it very motivating.
* One of the things that makes KB training very motivating are the discreet feats of strength (i.e., I want to do this lift with this weight). With barbells and dumbbells, since you can set the weights to the nearest pound, you lose some of that. I like the sense of satisfaction that I get when I get an "A" on a certain song or set a given number of combos.
* You can burn a hell of a lot of calories. I can burn about 800 in one hour.
* While I don't think I look particularly macho playing DDR, at least I don't looks like the asshats that are using the elliptical with their arms.

Again - just like the anticipation of getting the next heavier bell, I am looking forward to the new challenge of Hottest Party 3.

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