Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Stuff....

Weight: I recently got my weight down to 177 -- 7lbs to go (actually, probably more like 9, really overdid the eating last night). This was kind of surprising because I was not real good with the diet this week.

Bowling: Simple, not good at all. Averaging 193 over 5 weeks. That is just bad. I am picking up spare, but I am not stringing strikes and leaving pocket splits. Maybe the 15lb ball experiment should be shelved. Even though the accuracy is better, my carry sucks.

DDR: I am getting full combos of songs and higher scores since getting the new dance pad. I have really noticed how open the hips are. I am doing full squats on medicine balls. This is because DDR forces you to move in all directions. At about 25cal/song (or about 825/hr), the calories burn is similar to spinning but a lot more functional and athletic.

KB training/weight training: Working towards the tactical strenght challenge in April. Started Deadlifting and doing pullups. My shoulder still hurts, but it is getting better. I do fixed sets of pullups -- currently 10 sets of 6. (By the way, these are really pullups - dead hang at the bottom/touch bar with neck or chest at top. I have never seen a tactical pullup done in the gym). I and a client are working on a number of deadlift varieties to explore the deadlift, including:
* Dimel Deadlift
* KB touch and go deadlifts
* Sumo Deadlift
* Still Legged Deadlift
* Tire Flips
* Hockey Deadlift
* Full Body Attacks

Pressing -- Pressing still hurts the right shoulder. I can get presses again with the 32kg, but I really have to focus on exerternally rotating the shoulder.

Really working some of the RTK Exercises: Double cleans, front snatches, side snatches, pullovers to fix the shoulders.

Food Finds:
* Green Iguana/Ybor City has $3 appetizers and Miller Genuine Draft bottles on Friday's between 4-7PM.

Client: I recently helped a client eliminate sciatica with a program of corrective exercise, stretching and foam rolling. If you have a loved one that is suffering from pain = fix the source of the problem, don't reach for the bottle of pills.

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