Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Massage Class/KB PRs/The election/The Cowboys


I am in my second week of massage therapy class (Body Systems). Fun stuff. What is really cool about this class is how you learn about how all of the systems are interrelated. Even though as a message therapy you are primarily working with muscles, you still have to understand the other systems.
* Circulatory (this is why efflurage moves blood towards the heart)
* Lymphatic (would you do message on a cancer patient)
* Nervous (why does a client react how they do)
* Muscular (this should be obvious)
* Skeletal (what does muscle/tendons attach to and bony landmarks)
* Integumentary, i.e., Skin (what do you think that you are touching)
* Endocrine (Why do you feel better after a message)


I set some new PR recently:
* TGU with the beast (just got it Friday, I love it)
* Snatch: 24kg x 80 (see video)

Going to set another PR this weekend, but not sure which:
* Snatch: 24kg x 64L/64R
* Snatch: 32kg x 32L/32R
* BP: 300lb (I have benched more in the past, but not since I broke my back in 2002)
* Squat: 450lb (I have squatted more in the past, but not since I broke my back in 2002)

My thoughs on the election:

1) Is it me, or did Obama just sound more confident than McCain during the debates. This is especially true when talking about the economy. While I don't agree with everything in Obama's plan, McCain showed that he absolutely has no clue about the economy. This is probably because:
a) He has never in his life created any value which he in turned used for income.
b) He has been a senator for so long it made him stupid (watch C-SPAN for 12 minutes, and you will see what I am talking about) and distorted his view of money.

2) When I hear people say "the economy is going to go down hill if Obama is president", I think how can the economy get any worse when:
* Banks are going out of business (when the fork has it happened to this degree)
* Credit is frozen (even when the economy sucked arse in 1992, credit was freely flowing)
* Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch have been bought (it used to be that Merrill Lynch in a bad economy used to be ONLY company that would be hiring)
==> Can the economy get any worse. It would be like finding a paralyzed man having a heart attack and thinking "I don't want to give CPR, I don't want to hurt him".

Here is the problem - and it is a fundamental one - is that we had a unstable economy, and the reason for it was simply. We have too many people/too much money in our society who are either measuring something (property appraisers, accountants, brokers), trying to sell something (salespeople, marketing, writers), trying to regulate something, or trying to hide something (CEO's) and not enough people doing the two things that provide economic value:
1) Making something, or
2) Providing an essential service so that someone else can make something.

Too many retards were trying to make money on their house, and our economy blew us. Surprised? I'm not. We live in a country where every man, woman, and child can live in the state of Texas and be given an acre of land. With that, why would a 2BR condo in Tampa cost $500K -- that's right, it shouldn't. Thus we have the downward spiral of our economy.

Taxes are not fun, but they are needed. They are good when they are used to pay for stuff that individuals/businesses cannot pay for on their own, i.e. for the common good (roads, schools, law enforcement, etc.) but they are bad when they are used for redistribution of wealth (long-term welfare, financing stadiums for millionaire owners, bail outs of poorly run businesses, etc.). By the way, most of your federal taxes go towards the following:
* debt service (if it is ghetto-fabulous to spend now and pay later, what is it when government does it)
* Social Security (which is only sustainable if MANY more people die than enter the work force)

==> I may get flamed for this, I don't care.


I had been bowling badly, but hit a 690 last week. Will have to see what today holds. Need to work on the following:
* Don't rush timing step
* Stay behind the ball. If you want to bend it, stay behind it but release off middle finger.

I am trying a new diet:
* All liquid, 5 days a week. The liquid is going to come in the following three forms:
a. Water
b. Protein drinks
c. Juiced fruits and vegetables
d. O'Douls when bowling

Dallas Cowboys
Kinds of sucks when your starter (a mobile quarterback) goes down and the replacement quarterback(a statue) makes you change your offense. Sounds like bad planning. Sounds like my favorite teams (Knicks, Yankees, and Cowboys) all have bad management. I think that the Cowboys can finish 10-6 and still make the playoffs. Also, did you have to wait for an overdose to know that Isaiah Thomas was on drugs.

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