Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Crap

Last weekend I tried my third PBA tournament. I did better placewise, but I still suck (42nd out of 57). I had 5 190 games, two sub 150 games, and nothing over 200. I threw the ball pretty well, but I had trouble staying lined up. Can't wait to give it a go -- I am going to cash in one of these.

OK, not great week of training. I have been learning about fitness assessment, and all I have to say is that the fitness assess industry sucks ass. There is this measurement called BMI, which is defined as Weight/Height^2. This would be useful, except that we are not all shaped like a rectangle. In my business, I would never use BMI if I could use a quality BIA machine or take skinfolds using calipers.

I do know that my BF is high (about 26%), I need to lose about 15 lbs. Even with the extra fat, HR (60) and BP (118/78) are normal. Also, I tested off the charts in the step test, push up test, and the BP test. I have been good at figuring out how to increase perform, lets see how good I am at changing body composition.

Lots of talk about the new snatch test. It is a timed test (how many can you do for 5 minutes). Personally, the way they have this test I think is too easy. 10 more reps would be just right.

Here is a video of me doing 80 snatches with the 24kg with one arm (old RKC snatch test with one arm and an extra 16 reps).

Technique could still use some work. Also, I am breathing heavy because of my allergies (cats).

I looked a little doughy in the pictures -- looking to lose 15lbs in 2 months while maintaining my strength.


Boris said...

Nice work!!!

Aaron Friday said...

After hearing about it, I thought one's weight in pounds divided by 2 would be a better test, along with increasing the maximum to 110 instead of 100.

On a "fat" day, I would need 72 reps to pass the new test. The first time I ever tried the 5-minute test, I got 82. That's when my best single set was 15/15. I agree; the new test is much easier.

Faizal S. Enu said...

Right now I think that it is too easy, but the structure of the test is more correct.

110 is tough, and you have to remember that size does not always make the test easier....

If you are tall, you are doing more work/snatch.

If you are tall/heavy, part of what you are snatching is you.

Anonymous said...

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