Saturday, November 8, 2008

Updates on some new stuff

Hey all - thank you for reading my blog. Here are some updates (Gonzo style - taken from porn lingo, it means "not scripted or structured"):

* Message Therapy class. I gave my first 1/2 hour massage all on my own (including efflurage, petrisage, compression of the paraspinals, lats, traps, delts, and .sternocleidomastoids. No one was telling me what to do. I am sure the student was disappointed in my work, but I was satisified that:
- the muscles were more relaxed that when I started
- I did not hurt him
==> he offered no real criticism.

What I need to work on.
* Body positioning/mechanism
* Petrisage/compress/friction techniques.
* Relaxing.


I have been doing a WSB protocol recently. Feeling stronger!:
* Yesterday I was able to BP (competition style) 285lb (PR since dislocating my shoulder in May 2007). I also close gripped 245lb.
* Today I worked up to 295 in the box squats, and they are fast. I am sure that I have a 375-400lb box squat in me.
* I did a deep 375lb Good Morning (PR)
* My leg presses feel really strong - doing 10 plates on a side pretty easily
* Got a little epiphany today while doing box squats - just like the deadlift, you need to really wedge under the bar.
* Rack pulled 455lb today (bar 4" above floor). Felt really good. And this was after box squatting and the leg press.
* There is a really big tire their (Over 2' think). I finish my leg day work with this for some GPP/conditioning. I have not seen anyone else flip the tire.

I got my Beast (DD 106 lb. kettlebell) last Friday:
* Out of the box, I did a TGU on each side.
* I got some TGU's on video, but I got a new computer and I need to download the software so I can upload them for your viewing pleasure.

Other training -- recently did 80 24kg snatches with the right hand only.

Diet: Trying to lose 13 lbs (to get to 189 lbs) by X-mas. Going hard core with this - my diet is going liquid 4 days/week, including:
* Juice fruits and vegetables.
* Protein shakes
* Soups
* Water

Take care and God bless, Faizal

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