Friday, May 1, 2009

Way too long....

I have putting in a lot of long days at the gym and adding a some private clients as well. Things are looking up -- I am starting to get pretty good at this personal training thing. I do realize that I do need to spend more time marketing my business.

Here is a summary of all that is going on.

1) Personal Training business: I have signed up a number of infrequent clients, but a couple of my longer engagements have just ended. So right now I am about treading water. I have added a couple of clients outside of my gym wrote a couple of personal training programs, so I am expanding my "sphere of influence". I am will also start doing some Kettlebell Training at Flex One Fitness in Trinity, FL. It seems like one of the private gyms that is honest and does not cycle through a bunch of trainers -- I am going to start marketing this hard.

2) Bowling: Banged out 2 700 series, and received my 290 plaque. The average is up to 207 and would like to bowl one PBA regional this year.

more later.....

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