Thursday, May 28, 2009


When I first started with kettlebells, after learning the basics I started doing something called High Octane Cardio (HOC). Invented (I think) by Mike Mahler, it alternated a kettlebell exercise with about 220 yd active recovery jog. I used to jog around my courtyard which is about 130yd and repeat for 40-75 minutes. Great way to play with kettlebells, experiment with exercises, get a great workout, and drop some water weight (esp. in the FL sun).

I recently got a Wii and Dance Dance Revolution and I love it. I decided to make up my own version of HOC with with Dance Dance Revolution instead of jogging. I alternate a kettlebell exercise with two songs of Dance Dance Revolution (HOC/DDR). I recently upped the ante by adding a weighted vest (HOC/DDR+), up to 26lbs. It is a great way to enjoy two things that I like doing.

Here are some observations after my latest incarnation:
* Two hours (lost about 7 lbs of water)
* Many double 24kg kettlebell exercise
* 32kg snatch variations (swing, dead, and hand snatches)
* 26lb weighted vest

* The weighted vest "encourages" efficient DDRing by penalizing excessive jumping or unnecessary body motion. Simple put, it enhances your biomechanics, it does not change them (translation: better carryover to unweighted).

* When you active recovery is burns more energy/unit time then the treadmill, you wonder why those things still exist.

* DDR forces you to move your body a different speeds, directions, rotations. Great for athletes. Simply put, it fixes movement imbalances.

* On expert level, you burn about 25 cals/song (or about 500 cals/hr). Similar to spin class, but w/o the ego, stiff hips, and immobility in the thoracic spine. Also, a lot more fun.

* Unlike normal HoC, the song does not slow down for you in the active recovery.

* I am going to add a snorkel to this. The snorkel cuts off oxygen and increase lactic acid tolerance (LAT), which is a form of resistance training. So it will be HoC/DDR/LAT+.

Other training notes:
* My snatch form is still off -- going to have to start using more volume.
* I got my weight down to 185.8 totally dry (I am started to see 176)
* Feeling a lot more swole
* I have been doing squats on an exercise ball. Great exercise of tension and control and breathing.
* If someone tries to get you to come down on your rate to train them, don't do it. They will quit and you will have wasted your time. If lack a scratch is an issue, work out a trade of services. Make sure your client has something invested.
* Going to start deadlifting again.
* While on vacation, I got an "A" on a DDR song while holding my 45lb nephew for the entire song. Wish I had video of that.

* Quite honestly I suck and it is because I haven't been practicing. Averaged 206 this year.
* I tended to have one shitty game every week (yesterday 176 (with one strike)-234-216 -- 626, too slow making the ball change)

Champions League Final - I did not see the first 15 minutes, but it was like men vs. boys. Absolutely an atrocious game. Anyone who says that this was a good game does not know anything about soccer.

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