Monday, May 10, 2010

Some topical things and an observation...

Lawrence Taylor: Are you kidding me dude? What the hell are you thinking?

Tiger Woods: I feel bad that he is hurt. I hope all the golf commentators don't keep talking about Tiger. It is getting kind of annoying. There are a lot of good golfers out there.

Brian Cushing: If he is allowed to play in the games, he should be allowed to win the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. Two thumbs down for the AP. The AP is doing this for PR, and nothing more. I am against PEDs as much as anybody. I also believe in due process.

Faisal Shahzad: All I have to say is this, don't fly with me if you plan on getting anywhere fast. I will probably shave before then too.

Steve Nash: Finally beat the Spurs, while with 6 stitches in his eye. Respect.

DragonDoor Military Grade Bells: I am in the minority, but I think they are too slick. Also, the e-coating make the bells attract everything. Water, grass... I think Dragon Door got the surface perfect in late 2007. Kudos on developing a 16kg with a smaller handle. Sandpaper does help, but they are still very slick. During the RKC I had to find another bell to do the snatch test with because the bells were so hydrophilic.

Recently, one of my "internet" friend, Boris Bachmann asked the question: "Has the internet made you stronger?" I will tell you what I have noticed:
* Intelligent people that have the discipline to research, select, and follow a program are way better off with the additional access to information. They are not only able to select a program, but addition information lets them find other things that enhance that program.

* People that fall for hype or have ADD in their training tend to be even more confused, go back and forth between programs, and/or try to do too many programs at once.

That is all my friends.


Doyle said...

I was one of those people that used to get sidetracked by the many different programs, especially with kettlebells. I finally just made myself pick one and I finally feel at peace and I am training consistently. The internet CAN make you stronger, if you use it correctly.

Faizal S. Enu said...

I see that all of the time Doyle, and in some very stupid ways.

I had someone ask if they could combine RTK and MaxVO2 so they could gain mass and lose fat. I asked them if they could do the SSST. They said no - I told them they have no business doing either program and to stick to ETK.

I had someone that wanted to do a 3 day a week boot camp, a full strength training program and a full kb program. He found out that it was too much work and we adjusted accordingly.

Some good rules of thumb are:
* If you add to programs together, you are not going to get the benefit of two programs -- YOU ARE NOT DOING A PROGRAM.

* If you are looking to tweak a program -- change one thing at a time.

* You can't know if a program works unless you do it for 4 weeks.

Also, have you ever noticed how many P90X 1st and 2wk week videos there are on YouTube, but how little 10,11, and 12 week videos there are. There is a reason for that.