Monday, May 17, 2010

Questions for Others....

1) Do you do yoga? If so, how many times do you do it and how long is each session?

2) Any Indian Club users out there? How many sessions per week, and how long is each session? Are you structured or non-structured in how you use them?

3) Do any of the personal trainers out there use plyometrics? If so, are do you have any continuing education in this area (BTW, this is probably one of the most improperly taught topics in fitness)?

4) Do you buy books? Do you buy magazines? Do you subscribe to free newsletters?

5) Do you have a gym membership?


Maurice said...

Hi Faizal,

Yes I practice yoga (ashanga); 1 x 90min class per week and 2-3 1 hour sessions at home.

I have considered Indian Clubs but I don't know when I would fit these in to my schedule.

I buy books/DVDs and subscribe to some newsletters. I gave up on magazines.

I don't have a gym membership.


Anonymous said...

Planning to start Bikram from July. I believe this is 90 mins six days a week.
No clubs!
Buys: All the DD stuff so far. Dan John's book is on next.
No gym membership any more!


Eric Moss RKC said...

i don't practice yoga

don't use clubs

don't use plyos. yes they are very abused by just about every one who uses what they think are them

i buy books and subscribe to newsletters

i have access to gyms because i run classes there. no memberships

Marcus said...

1. I have recently started doing the bikram yoga. Two times / week.

2. Been using indian clubs daily for maybe a month. At the moment just playing around with the things on the 30 minute DVD that came with them. Not really structured, hopefully it will be more structured after the new club-DVD arrives.

3. I have not been using plyo with my clients, but after Josh Henkins covered some very good information on plyo in his LIFT-2 certification I think I might use some for a few clients every now and then (once or twice / month perhaps). Obviously I will look into getting a deeper understanding and learning more.

4. I buy a lot of books and DVDs. Subscribing to a couple of newsletters, and a legion of nutrition and exercise journals.

5. Not really a gym membership. I do rent space in one of the local gyms though.

Anonymous said...

No Yoga. Never did, never will ;) ...

Too busy for Indian Clubs: kbs, barbells, bodyweight... it is just too much for my GPP, already.

Never really care for magazines. Newsletters are fine, but books are best.

Yes, gym membership all the way :)

fooWidget said...

1) no

2) no, but I'm interested

3) I'm not a trainer. The only time I hired one resulted in two injuries, one from plyometrics.

4) Yes

5) no

Faizal S. Enu said...

Thanks for all of your comments....

1) Maurice, if you do 3.5-4.5 hrs of yoga a week, would you gain or lose by doing 3.25-4.25 hours of yoga and 15 minutes of clubbells.

2) Rambo, personally I wouldn't do anything for 90 minutes 6x/week. Bikrim is the system, would it not work if you did it 2x/week? I just wouldn't think that it is an all or nothing type of deal.

3) Plyos done correctly are great. When people do them to exhaustion it becomes a joke. Also, a lot of people use them as an excuse not to lift heavy. And in P90X what they call plyos is more like aerobics. Thanks foo for confirming this. Plyos w/o strength is useless, but most trainers do it the opposite.