Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If anyone is even thinking about getting certified....

If anybody out there is thinking about the RKC or HKC certification, if you register through my affiliate link, I will give you a FREE workshop where:
* I work with you on the fundamentals,
* Tell you what you need to work on,
* Give you a plan to fix what you need to pass.

For HKCs, this would be a 2 hour workshop. For RKCs, this would be a 3 hour workshop. Unless you like giving money away, you would be foolish not to do this.

The RKC has a fail rate of about 30-40% (yeah, and unlike all the others there are physical requirements). If you can gaurantee your $2000+ investment for free, why would you not do?

My affiliate link is in the left sidebar.

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