Monday, March 8, 2010

New PRs for the week...

Week of PRs: Long Cycle: 2 24kg x 22reps (Fri)
==> This was a test week and a natural progression to what I have been doing. Did not test, because it was just the day to do LC.

Front Squats: 2 24kg x 20reps (Sat)
==> First time I have ever done more than 10 of these. This tested well.

Snatch: 32kg x 35L/35R (Sun)
==> Pretty significant. My form was rock solid on these, and I have 3 witnesses to this feat but no video. My timing was great. I had never practiced more than 20L/20R. The funny thing is that these did not (toe touch) test well prior, but they felt damn good.

DDR: Hit 40,000,000 on three different songs today on Expert Mode (Mon)
==> This is really about how fresh the CNS is. Since the volume has been pretty low with the PRs, my CNS is thriving. This is a big deal PR, in the songs I am hitting every note, and about 6/7ths of the notes are "PERFECT" or "MARVELOUS". Hips are moving nice. This did test well.

Dumbbell Incline Presses: 75lb x 23reps (Mon -- sorry, it was the heaviest they had)
==> Just means shoulder is getting better. This did test well.

KB Stacked MP: 24kg+16kg x 5reps (Mon)
==> I had been doing more pressing, found a leak (lack of thoracic extension) and fixed it. Really has to grind out the last rep, and you have to be connected to do that. Pressing did test well

I have been reporting them to #preveryday, but I think they have as much to do with coming off of a back off week as anything....

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