Friday, March 12, 2010

Two more awesome PRs and proclamation

3 consecutive Get Ups with the 40kg(88lb) with the left hand (i.e., not putting the bell down.

Not much, but it's something...

Snatch PRs:
40kg x 12L
40kg x 13R

Proclamation: Snatch: 40kg x 15L/15R is going down by July 1, 2010

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Aaron Friday said...

You're going to get 15/15 because you're within reach right now because and have stated it as a specific goal. Based on your past achievements with this weight, you actually have it in you to achieve this feat. It will take guts to train for and will suck to actually do, but you're in a place to do it.

I've witnessed guys staking claims on goals that were irrational to say the least ~ like they did 60 snatches in 5 minutes once, but assume they could get 100 snatches if they "really tried" or "actually trained for it." I guess there's no need to actually do something if you can make a case for your ability to do it if you "actually tried to." So much crap. You're going to increase your output by 67% in the same amount of time, but not actually do it, and people should just take your word that you're good for it?

When I competed in my third and probably last TSC, I snatched the 32kg 71 times at 157 pounds of bodyweight. When I started training for the event, I hoped for 60 reps. I actually trained through 40 reps to 70 reps over 8 weeks, and added one rep for a PR on competition day. Long story short, snatching this thing twice a week at close-enough to max-effort made me ill. After competing, I had absolutely no desire to lift kettlebells at all for a good year.

71 was my absolute max. I actually tried, and I actually trained for it. I suppose I had the guts to see what I was capable of. I was capable of 71 at my best, and that's that, because I'm never doing it again.