Friday, September 11, 2009

115lb Barbell TGU; (24kg + 16kg) MP; Double 16kg BOSU Front Squat

Three new PRs:
115lb Short Barbell TGU -
These are really hard. In making the video, you notice how much slower you have to be when approaching your maximum. As Mark Henry said, if you want to be really strong, you have to have that slow gear.

24kg+16kg one hand MP -
I haven't been doing much pressing, but hopefully I am that much closer to pressing the beast. The two bells help with forearm verticality and getting the shoulder back (both from having to keep the bells on top of each other). Hopefully I can get the Beast Press does by the end of the year. My right shoulder is not there yet, but did get a set of 4 at (16kg + 16kg)

BOSU ATG Front Squat (2 x 16kg) -
I did not take a video of this, but I did not want any of my KB friends to see me within 30yds of a BOSU. Plus, it really was not that hard -- just new.

Bodyweight has stabilized to 181.2, lowest was 179.5. Goal is 170 by Nov 11 (9 weeks).

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