Thursday, September 2, 2010

James Meerbot Snatch Test

"I recently started Russian Kettlebell training with Faizal Enu and have seen UNREAL results. After 4 MONTHS of training three times a week I have LOST 47 POUNDS. I have seen dramatic changes in more than just my weight and ability to work with kettlebells, but I have also seen tremendous gains in fitness and athleticism. This comes most in handy with my Judo training. I am no longer completely spent after each Judo training session because my conditioning has shot up drastically from doing tons swings (no exageration - sometimes as many as 28 TONS of weight moved). Any one seriously training martial arts NEEDS to train this way. I simply DON'T GET TIRED anymore.

Heck, I even got my girlfriend, who has never done any physical training in her entire life, to come and see what's its all about. So far she is loving every minute of it. No matter what you fitness level is, you will love it. If you have tried other forms of training, and haven't found something that works for you, give this a shot - YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID.

If you are interested in getting better at sports or lopping off some fat (or both, like me) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking Bayshore Kettlebell's classes. You will not be disappointed and you will be learning from the best. I learn something new EVERY session. This is not some mindless boot camp, this is STRENGTH and CONDITIONING at it finest.

I recently passed the RKC Snatch Test (100 24kg snatches in under 5 minutes) in 4:40 on my first attempt. This is after only four months of training. If you have a goal, Faizal WILL get you there. Now I am actually looking to gain weight using double kettlebell drills. You will NEVER OUTGROW this style of training, and it can be suited to your needs and goals.

I now cannot imagine life without kettlebells!"

James Meerbot

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