Monday, September 20, 2010

Best way to program the Turkish get up....

1) Teach someone how to do it correctly, without weight or with a shoe. This is critical. If this is not don't the Turkish Get Up becomes and American Roll Over.

2) Tell the to do Turkish Get Up 2x/week for 8 minutes at a time

3) Let them move up in weight when they are ready (they will know when they are ready)

==> I got someone who was barely able to do one unweighted to doing them with a 16 kg FLAWLESSLY with a 16kg) in about 1 month.

The TGU is self correcting, don't overcoach it.

Also, if they don't have kettlebells they can still practice at home.


Sean said...

Good words Faizal. I am working with someone who should stick to shoe-GU for a while. Seeing someone else voice it, makes me feel more comfortable telling them to chill and work on naked and shoe-GU more. Thx

Faizal S. Enu said...

Absolutely....the biggest thing someone lifts in a TGU is their own bodyweight.

For me the shoe is harder than a 32kg get up. If they are flawless with the shoe, adding weight is easy!