Monday, September 13, 2010

10 RKC certification tips....

1) In the snatch test, keep the bell up in the air.

2) For men, if you are within 5 lbs of making weight to snatch a lower bell, make weight.

3) For one day you will be expected to carry your bell around with you. Don't look like an amateur and farmers walk it or rack walk it. Clean it, then roll it to your shoulder.

4) Come in in shape. If you consider 20 swings a hard work out, you are not in shape.

5) If you are already an HKC, don't be arrogant when you come to the RKC (I have seen this).

6) Learn the teaching drills during the weekend. Don't expect to teach people the snatch by saying "watch me". Learn the corrective drills. I would have failed another 3 people in my group because their corrective skills were not up to par. Also, learn to recognize for errors.

7) Come to the social events. It was embarrassing in San Jose to only have 16 people show up for dinner when it should have been over 50. This is part of your education too.

8) Know proper hand care prior to the cert. If you don't know, ask someone.

9) Don't sacrifice everything else you do for the snatch test. By doing this you demonstrate that you don't understand the certification and you don't understand balanced training.

10) Show up rested. That means go low volume, low intensity the week prior to the cert. That does not mean that rest for 10 days prior.


Shaun said...

Great list! Can you elaborate more on point one? Do you mean don't put it down or let it hang if you have to rest, but keep it overhead?

Some of these are more well known (like hand care) but 2,3, and 7 especially are great inside tips!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I agree with the keeping the bell in the air. I found doing 70-80 and then putting the bell down on the ground and doing some fast & loose for 30-40 seconds and then doing the last couple of reps just sweet.

Anonymous said...

"Don't sacrafice everything else for the snatch test"? I dont think any one would do this purposefully. Could you elaborate? Are you going to Philly? If so, looking forward to meeting you.

Anonymous said...


What is the lower weight for men on the snatch and what is the bell? I thought the snatch test was standard or is this for another portion of the RKC?

Anonymous said...


What is the lower weight for men in the snatch and what is the bell size? I thought the sn test was standard or is the lighter bell for a different part of the RKC?

Thank You

Anonymous said...

There are new RKC cert requirements being implemented in 2011. Check the forum for specifics. The most notable are the pullup requirement and I think if you are around 130lbs, you can use a 20kg instead of a 24 kg.

Faizal S. Enu said...

Thanks Shaun, as far as post 1 goes, just don't put hte bell down. Anyone who has failed has put the bell down. No one who has kept the bell up in the air the entire time has failed.
==> THE ONES WHO FAIL ARE THE ONES WHO CAN'T REST AT THE TOP. ALSO, they are strict on lockouts. A lot of people think they are snatching to 12 o'clock are actually snatching to 10:30 at speed.

Can you put it down, sure. Should you, NO. The reason: When you put the bell down, you have to pick it back up, get it moving, and snatch it. If you rest at the top, there is no wasted motion.

I have done the snatch test in 3:20, so I COULD put it down. But the thing is they don't even let you go fast enough (visible stop at lockout) to get tired. So why put the bell down.

Hand care is NOT OBVIOUS at the cert. The cert is a walking wounded for hand care.

Also, not going to Philly, but I know at least 3 people at San Jose that passed their snatch test but failed because they did not practice one of the basic 6. Don't be stupid in your training.

The lower weight class for using the 20kg at the cert is 132lbs. If you are close, make weight. If you can't, don't call yourself a trainer. Someone coming to a cert to be a trainer should be able to make weight.