Friday, August 6, 2010

Just a random top 10 list.....

1) I have had a lot of good results teaching the snatch lately, esp. to females. Here are keys to success:
* Master the swing first....
* Teach the snatch to and open hand. It mitigates the "cast" and "overgripping"
* Don't rush to teach the snatch. I know when I have someone from my workshop that is learning from a teach-along video or a video that comes with a bell, they try the snatch waayyyy to early.
* If you focus on the hands during the snatch, the snatch tends to be "mechanical" and not "fluid/smooth". Teach the snatch from the swing and high pull. If they can't swing, they can't snatch. If they can't high pull, they can't snatch.
* I teach to the high pull from the swing. I then teach the punch through to an open hand to a dead stop, then I put humpty dumpty together.

2) There has been a lot of talk on the DragonDoor forum about the beautiful swing. All I care about are two things: 1) Is it safe? 2) Is it effective? The swing should look powerful, smooth, and athletic. It should not be jerky and it should definitely not look dangerous.

3) I had the following conversation with a client -- we were talking about how you get overweight. In a sense, it is simple as "Don't eat so much!". In another sense it is so much more complicated than that. People who get emotional over food have stuff they are dealing with. It is not always easy to deal with, but it is not OK to use food to satisfy emotional issues for one reason: It doesn't work!

4) I looked at the new TRX/kettlebell video "Iron Circuit Conditioning". Very professional video and Chris Frankel is as engaging as Pavel. Chris Gaines really looked impressive in the video. They also did a good job with the beginner, intermediate and advanced TRX and kettlebell variations.

5) I had a client that gained 13 lbs of mass on Return of the Kettlebell (RTK). Kettlebell and Barbell lifts are all going up. I am writing on article about this. Here is the key to succeeding with RTK: PUSH THE "PLAY" BUTTON.

6) Just to switch gears. With all the medications being doled out (I remember doing a client intake for someone who was on 86 medications), I think we will catch up with France and have cirrhosis of the liver being the second leading killer in the US.

7) Kettlebell are not being sold in more places. They are not cheap either, about $1.75 to $2.00/lb for "eh" bells. Get bells that have 100%/1 year money back guarantee.


8) Just a question, if you are doing movement screens and don't have an FMS, are you working outside your scope of practice? I don't just say no, I say "HELL NO!" as long as you can interpret what you are seeing and your tests make sense.

9) If you are looking at getting certified to teach kettlebells (and more than using them for curls and upright rows), click one of the following:

HKC (HardStyle Kettlebell Certified) Instructor Workshops

RKC Certification

10) Favorite Tampa Restaurants:
* Tampa Bay Brewing Company
* Shrimp and Company (underrated too)
* Capital Grille
* The Tropicana
* Sukothai (Thai is getting like "NY style" Chinese in Tampa)
* Ceviche, South Tampa
* Yoko's Sushi (there is way too much sushi in Tampa)
* Pane Rustica
* Miguel's (this place is awesome)
* Iavoroni's
==> I know this list is South Tampa/Ybor bias. Anybody have any other suggestions.

11) Just a thought -- double swings are easier than a two-handed swing with the same weight. The reason: in double swings the wrists are slightly ulnar deviated. This is why a lot of people can swing heavier with a T-bar or other wide-handled apprati.

12) I have just gotten off 12 weeks of RKT, and one thing the Long Cycle Clean and Jerks have gotten me better at is DDR. The reason, better body control, especially in the hips. And stability in the hips has improved even though not specifically practicing it in the LC C&J.

==> Hey, the Big 10 is going to have 12 teams next year and the Big 12 is going to have 10 teams. Think about that one....

That's it!

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