Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In home Personal Training (South Tampa/Weekends Only)

In-home Personal Training only $100/hr (or $75/hr for 10 sessions).

ISSA- and RKC-certified fitness instructor with a knack for getting people in shape. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength, injury recovery, or athletic development - I will get you there. I have all the equipment you need an nothing you don't (e.g., no BOSU balls).

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Recent review:

Since taking Faizal's beginner kettlbell workshop my fitness has gone nowhere but up. I've since taken his intermediate level workshop in addition to private training sessions. Unlike traditional personal training, Faizal just doesn't simply tell you to do something, he explains the reasoning behind every correction and movement. This gives you the tools to truly learn about kettlebells, rather than just paying someone to walk you through a workout (not just a clipboard holder). As a member of the military, the carryover from using kettlebells has been substantial. It takes me a lot longer to feel fatigue while running, I am much stronger and I have had positive changes in my physique (can you say understatement). This will help me do much better on my fitness exams. Kettlebell training with Faizal has been the most productive training I have ever done (and she has done a lot)!

B.N., Largo, FL

Ladies and Gentlemen, what are you waiting for? Call Faizal at 813-951-7470 for a free consultation.

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