Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting Results....

This is going to be a very short blog post because the subject is really not that difficult. Many people ask me about how to get results from their training. A lot of them seem legitimately frustrated when they ask me.

Here is my answer: Did you do the work? If the answer is anything other than "Yes", then reason is simple. You didn't do the work!

It is really that simple. When it comes to your body, it adapting to the work that you get it to do. It is not adapting to your excuses. Or your self-justifications.

Just like simple project management, when you are looking to get results:
1) Determine your goal attainable goal
2) Pick a plan that will get you to the goal
3) Execute the plan
4) Periodically assess progress and replan if necessary

Picking goals and plans are talked about all the time. The fact of the matter is that it is all about execution:

* This is actually the easiest, but most ignore, part of the process. The results come from what you do, not what you plan.

* What's in your training log? Do you even have one? How do you know you are getting better? If you don't keep a training log, you have pretty much sealed your failure. You did not document your execution.

* How many workouts have you missed in the last month? MOST PEOPLE DON'T FAIL BECAUSE THEY ARE ON THE WRONG PROGRAM. MOST PEOPLE FAIL BECAUSE THEY ARE DOING THE RIGHT PROGRAM with poor execution. Again, it is not the program that gets results, it is the work.

* No one else can do the work for you.

* On the Dragon Door forum, you get a lot of people asking "Can I mix {program A} with {program B}, I tell them if you do that you are not doing either program. Without fail, in two weeks they ask if they can combine program C, but can I substitute lunges for squats or something dumbass like that. I indoubtably say, if you substitute the exercises, it is no longer program C. The author of the program did not hold out on you. My point is this: Select a program and DO IT. Can't do one exercise in the program? Don't have the equipment or space to do it? Don't have time? PICK ANOTHER PROGRAM! THEN DO IT - for as long as it says to do it! Don't worry about picking the program if you ADD or SAE prevent you from sticking with one.

Don't even think about replanning until you have done one cycle on the program. I have a guy that lost 44lb in four months. Simple, he stayed with ETK/RoP for four months. I have a guy that gained 13lb in 9 weeks. Simple, he stayed with RTK for 9 weeks. If you haven't stayed with a program for 2 weeks, don't bellyache about a lack of results. You haven't put enough time in. If you have watched every episode of Big Brother, but don't have time to workout, you don't have your priorities straight. Simple, these guys got great results in a short amount of time by STAYING WITH HIGHLY PROVEN PROGRAM.

Now that they have gotten the results, we will look to replan. The guy who lost weight may be looking to put on some muscle. Maybe learn the long cycle and do some RTK. He is taking the snatch test to see if he "qualifies." The other is looking to lean out a little. How about some Max VO2? New bodies, new goals ==> new plans.

To summarize: Set Goal ==> Select A Plan ==> Do the Work!


Gary Music said...

Good blog Faizal. If you stick with a program long enough to get results you build some faith in it.

Something as simple as the one arm press can have such tremendous effect on a persons strength and fitness. But too many people think you have to do three exercises for each body part and that type of foolishness.

Sandy Sommer RKC said...

Great stuff Faizal. Not too complicated but that is the thing folks miss. They want to gum it all up and then nothing much happens.

Train with purpose,

Sandy Sommer RkC

Anonymous said...

Well said Faizal! It aint rocket science!!