Thursday, January 8, 2009

This week....

Training this week.

Monday: Did a bunch of swing during some personal training sessions. Also put in some light BU presses and snatches. Bowling - 6 games

Press Ladders: 32kg x 5 x 1-5 (felt awful)
DDR: 2 hours (getting better)

Pullups: BW x 5 x 7
Lat Pulldowns: Overhand and reverse grips
KB Towel Rows: 40kg, 64kg, 88kg x 1 x 10
HoC/DDR: :40
Bowling League: 189-236-224 - 649 (Made good adjustments, kept the ball in play, and made spares. Did not throw the ball great, but not bad either. I will take a 216 average any day of the week.

Overslept for class 2x this week

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