Saturday, January 3, 2009

Leg Day...a

I did a leg day today. Not too bad....

Box Squats: 185, 225 x 1 x 2; 245 x 4 x 2; 265 x 6 x 2
Leg Press: 4,6,8,9 x 1 x 10; 9.5 x 2 x 10
Leg Curls, Leg Extensions, Abductors: Stack x 2 x 10
Calf Raise: Stack x 3 x 10
Tire Flips: Big Tire x 2 x 20 (work capacity is definitely increasing)
DDR x :40

Mullet Moments:
There was a guy, all upper body, in my gym today. He started legs in the Smith machine (strike one) with 30lb (strike two) with his knee going way forward (strike three) and heel popping up (strike four). After that, he went into the leg extension machine and had all of 60lbs on it (strike 5). All of sudden mullet #2 comes by, after doing 1/3 stack in the calf raise and tells mullet #1 and tells him "You know how to work the tear drop?" I wanted to say sooooooo badly "use more than 70# of weight" or "squat bitch". He went into the explanation of rotating your foot out and doing sets of 21. After that he said that classic mullet mating call..."that is all tear drop (or other relevant body part)". Ridiculous and pathetic. Let me give you a real explanation:

* "Tear Drop" = Vastus Medialis
* Origin = Medial Lip of Linea aspera
* Insertion = Tibial tuberosity (just like the rest of the quadriceps group)
* Action = Flex knee
==> Given this:
1) You cannot completely isolate it because it shares a tendon with the rest of the quadriceps group
2) The only action is to flex the knee. Rotating it is not going to help. I will say that it is not engages until the last 20 degrees or so.

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Adam said...

Dont worry, in 6 weeks they will conclude "lifting does not work for me" and quit. Easy in, easy out.