Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bowling, Kettlebells

Let us get some of the day to day stuff out of the way:

Today's workout:
Double Clean&Press:
24 kg x 1 x 1,3,5
32 kg x 5 x 1,3,5
==> These felt pretty good

Single Leg Deadlift: 32kg x 1 x 10; 40kg x 3 x 10 (40kg is not much harder than 32kg)


Snatches: 24kg x 1 x 20,15; 32kg x 1 x 10
High Pulls: 40kg x 6 x 5 (not pretty) -- even got a snatch with each arm for the hell of it.

Bowling: 233-213-253-699
* Did not have first open until 10th frame of second game
* Had front 7 in last game
* Needed three strikes in 10th for 700 series. Left four pin on the last ball (tugged)
* Good to have another big series.

All the renegade rows are giving me a big gut. Gotta lose some weight. Countdown starts now.

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