Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday's Stuff

Today's Workout:
* TGU: 24kg x 12:00 (light stuff, good tonic for the shoulders)
* Renegade Rows: 24kg x 3 x 5; 24kg x 8 x 10 (really learning to bury the shoulders)
* Guard Presses: 3 x 10
(floor presses with shoulder bridge, raise pressing shoulder off of the ground - exellent core strengthener)

221(had pocket 7-10 break w/in 7 strikes)-
176 (started S7- X S7-) -
244 (after 4 spares, got a 6 bagger to save series)-644
==> Average is up to 211
==> Really solid at the line

Random Restuarants Thought:
Chateau Soho (never ate there) became...
Soho Cafe (at there once - not bad, but expensive and they tried to sell me fake scallops) became....
Manny's Bistro
==> Who is Manny, and why does he keep changing the name of his restaurants. The waiter last time said that they were deFrenchifying the menu.

Pita Pit has just opened. There food is good value for the spend, but....
==> Even though they are set up like Subway, they don't get people out of there anywhere near as quickly.
==> Their Pita don't seem like they are packaged in quantity or made fresh.
==> They don't have a lot of parking.
==> It is decent food -- hopefully they stick around. It is a chain, so they can absorb a loss while they figure it out.

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