Thursday, April 17, 2008

If you need a 20 Minute Workout

If you are limited for time, try the following workout:

* Turkish Get-Ups: 32kg x 10:00
* Tabata Protocol Swings: 32kg x 8 x 14 (:20 swinging/:10 rest)

14 minutes workout time -- you should easily be able to do this and shower in 1/2 hour. The get ups work every muscle in the body. And try to tell me kettlebells aren't cardio after tabata swings after you are sweating profusely, your heart is beating through your chest, and you are gasping for air. Plus, since you are doing less volume, it's easier to keep mass on.

Bowling: Simply put -- "head-up-my-ass bowling"
Early League (sub): 224-181-191 - 596
Late League: 215-195-180 - 590 (missed too many spares and had too many strikes to score this low)
Combined with my 601 on Tuesday, this is inexcusable mediocrity at its best. I hope to bring it together before States.

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