Friday, November 11, 2011

Bar Food Diet....

If you are unhealthy, and you feel that you spend too much money on health food at Whole Foods, Village Health, Rollin' Oats - you should try my Bar Food diet. You will:
* Be healthier
* Lose weight
* Feel more satisfied
* Save money.

Here is the diet, I was going to sell it as an e-book, but there is no way I can make it long enough for a book.

If you eat the following foods:
* Whole Grain Pasta
* Box Cereal
* Organic Cookies, Chips, or Crackers
* Bread of any type
* Mac and Cheese
* Subway, McDonald's, Burger King, etc.

Eat the following instead, either:
* Chicken Wings, or
* Hummus and Veggies

Once a week, go to a bar, and eat whatever you want, except:
* Anything with cheese, pasta, or bread

That's it. It works and is very satisfied.

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