Sunday, February 20, 2011

Diet Challenge

Even though my weight is down to a svelte 177lbs, I still get bored by diet and look for new challenges. I found that when I set up special challenges (e.g., Jack Reape Deadlift Challenge, Faizal S. Enu Double Snatch Challenge, the RKC), I learn lessons that last a lifetime.

Here is my newest challenge: Spend as little possible on food in one week.

Objective: Incur the least amount of cost of food consumed during one week. The cost will be determined on a "consumption" basis and not a "cash-flow" basis.

Inspiration: I went to Whole Foods on Saturday, and I was VERY disappointed with how deconditioned and sickly many people in the store were. I was also disappointed with the food choices that were being made (expensive junk). I hate when people say "I can't afford to eat well."

Constraints: In this challenge, I could simply not eat, but not only would that be non-sporting, it would also be useless as a learning experience. Therefore I have the following constraints:
* No free food, or I will have to account for it as if I had bought it
* I have to keep up my current training volume
* I have to maintain my current weight

Reporting: I will report, in a separate blog post, everyday what I ate and spent.

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ddn said...

I like the challenge Faizal.