Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Diet Challenge: 2/22

12:45 AM: 1 16oz Miller Lite
Meal Cost: $5.00 (yeah, even though I am trying to spend as little as possible, I am still going to tip)

1:45 AM: 1/2 CVS High Energy Mix
Meal Cost: $2.50 (some part of it was paleo, some wasn't)

10:00 AM: Protein Shake (Water, Protein Powder, Peanut Butter)
Meal Cost: $.67

1:45 PM: Diet Coke (12oz can)
Meal Cost: $.60 (While it doesn't get any cheaper than this, this is really an EMPTY choice)

4:00 PM: Cappuccino (Indigo Coffee)
Meal Cost: $4.27 (It was good)
==> I feel like a wasted $5

7:30 PM: Protein Shake (yes, I am going to prepare some real food)
==> Thought about getting Wings from Tampa Bay Brewing Company. Tue is wing day and you get 1.5lb of wings for the price of a lb. But at $8.99 it really costs about $12.00 with tax and tip. So $3 would to local government and some dude I don't know instead of in my stomach.
==> Meal Cost: $.67

10:00 PM
==> Carne Picada Steak, 8oz. Carne Picada steak costs around 2.23/lb
==> 3 roasted carrots, cost about $.80

1:00 AM: Protein Shake

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Michael said...

5 bucks for a Miller "LITE". Dude